J-Street comes out against Iran nuclear sanctions

J StreetThis is a shocker.  J-Street has represented  itself as the reasonable, measured voice of the center left.  They have managed to do so despite revelations regarding their George Soros funding sources and an Israel advocacy routine that consists primarily of chastising and undermining Israel. But their recent Facebook cheerleading AGAINST sanctions on Iran puts them solidly in the moonbat camp. Two posts on J-Street Seattle’s Facebook  page (January 22 & 23) thanked Washington State Senator Patty Murray for her opposition to renewing anti-Nuclear sanctions against the Islamic state. The post linked to a Washington Post article about Murray’s efforts to impede legislation towards renewing sanctions at this time.

Murray 2

A new survey, conducted by Democratic pollster Mark Mellman, found that 63 percent of  Americans polled want Congress to move forward with the new sanctions legislation, while only 28 percent oppose.  CAIR, Jewish Voice for Peace, Neo-Nazi David Duke , the National Iranian American Council and now J-Street can be counted among that 28 percent.

J-Street Seattle is not out of step with the home office;  multiple press organizations are reporting that a pro-Iranian coalition, including J-Street have strengthened congressional sanctions efforts and have likely succeeded in preventing the 2/3 majority needed to prevent a presidential veto of any new sanctions legislation.

J-Street bills itself as “pro-Israel, pro-Peace” but it is hard to see how their  opposition towards anti-nuclear (bomb) sanctions on Iran benefits either Israel or  the cause of  Peace. It does however benefit the Iranian Mullahs and all those who salivate for Israel’s destruction.

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