Israel hater Silverstein goes on racist rant

H/T Isreallycool:  There is a certain sad corner of the universe where one can hold any bigoted view and say any reprehensible thing without censure as long as that same person openly despises the Jewish state. These individuals are showered with honor, interviews and speaking engagements with extra polish added to their halo if said Israel hater is Jewish.


Richard Silverstein’s use of the term “negro” as an epithet hearkens to a shameful period in our nation’s history.

Richard Silverstein is just such an individual. He has ascribed blame to Israel when Jews were murdered by French Muslims. He asserted that the murderous attack on the  Mumbai Chabad House where five Jews including the Rabbi and his wife were killed was in fact not necessarily an anti-Semitic act. We thought Silverstein had reached as low a place as possible earlier this month when he publicly defamed an innocent synagogue receptionist; but we were wrong.

As was reported earlier today at Isreallycool; Silverstein took offense at the notion of Chloe Valdary, an African American woman, thinking independently for herself.  Apparently to Silverstein, once an African American doesn’t share his particular dogma, they stop being a human being worthy of his respect but instead are transformed in his mind to a “negro”, one that would make “Uncle Tom” dance “for joy”. 


Yes, he did go there, using the most racially loaded words  evoking imagery from a sad, shameful time and place. Silverstein did not attack Ms. Valdery’s ideas, he did not debate her position, he fixated on her race and used hate speech to demean her. He would not have showered her with the same putrid language if she was white, no he had a special word set aside for Chloe Valdary and that word was “negro”.  And we have a special word for what Silverstein did, we call it racist.

Any words for this Zionist Richard?

In closing, we ask our readers to consider not the just the moral vacuity that is Richard Silverstein but the morality and ethics of those churches, synagogue, groups and media that wrap Silverstein in the cloak of legitimacy by providing him with a platform to spread his hate. Disgusting.

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