More on Silverstein’s racist rant


When one has dug oneself into a hole, rule number one is to stop digging. Richard Silverstein has never learned this lesson. Yesterday Silverstein was called out for targeting a young African-American woman with the most vile of racial epithets.

For the sin of disagreeing with the extremist views of the very, very white Silverstein, Chloe Valdary was deemed  a “negro”. Having entered the on-ramp of race hatred, Silverstein stepped on the gas, using the most degrading antebellum imagery he could summon, Silverstein asserted that “Uncle Tom” would be pleased with Ms. Valdary’s advocacy for the Jewish state. Who knew Uncle Tom was a Zionist?


Silverstein tops off his David Duke-ish Tweet by mimicking and mocking the Southern African-American dialect while invoking the slave-era stereotype of the happy black slave, dancing with joy at serving his white master. Obnoxiously dropping the g, he spouts that Uncle Tom is “dancin for joy”.

 We mentioned most of this in a prior article, but in his latest post Bull Silverstein has doubled down. In a clawing, desperate effort to justify what cannot be justified, he asserts that it is Ms. Valdary who has crossed the line of civility by daring call Israel hater Judith Butler an anti-Semite.

 “Apparently, Valdary isn’t aware that given our history, Jews are a bit sensitive about non-Jews determining for us who’s a good or bad Jew.” said Silverstein.

 In the same jumbled screed, Silverstein tried to justify calling Valdary a “negro”. You heard right, the melanin challenged Silverstein is offended when a black women calls a Jew an anti-Semite but sees himself as more than justified in calling a black woman a “negro” race traitor. (Cough, hypocrite! cough.)

 But that’s OK, Silverstein assures us that when he, a white man calls a black woman a negro while invoking “Uncle Tom” – “there’s nothing racist about those two terms.” That’s right Richard  it is not an epithet but rather a glowing, sparkly rainbow of love when it flies off your magical tongue.


But Richard goes on digging saying he used the term Uncle Tom appropriately as a tool to “represent African-Americans who betrayed their own through collaboration with the white master.” and “Negro” ‘was meant to convey how much of a betrayal Valdary’s views are towards a real civil right and social justice agenda.” Apparently Silverstein cannot fathom such a thing as an independent  black woman, choosing to fight for what she deems to be justice and not Silverstein’s Hamas compatible vision.  

It is not just blacks that step off of the Silverstein plantation for whom Richard reserves his ire, in the same piece he refers to another Israel advocate not as a human being entitled to his own viewpoint, but rather an “Arab gay Jew” and thus unworthy of consideration or respect. Yes that is how this man thinks and writes and speaks. 

It is Silverstein and his ilk who exploit minorities, making respect and inclusion contingent on agreement with their radical views.

He speaks of the exploitation of minorities by those in the pro-Israel, pro-justice camp, but it is not they who resort to racial invective the moment there is disagreement. No, it is Silverstein and his ilk who exploit minorities, making respect and inclusion contingent on agreement with their radical views.


Chloe Valdary issued a response to Silverstein’s despicable racist attack.

Silverstein believes that all African-Americans are monolithic. Indeed, he believes that because of my skin color, I must think, act, and behave in the certain way — a manner in which he perceives black people to be. Like the old white masters in the antebellum American South, Silverstein believes that he and his ilk alone can be the bearers of opinions which must be held by African-Americans. To think for oneself, to formulate an opinion independent of his consent — well now, this is unacceptable. The consequence is a verbal lashing on social media; an attack on my character because of my skin color, and because, I am, as he puts it, “a Negro,” who does not feel the need to make her analysis contingent upon his approbation.Read the rest at The Times of Israel
Silverstein just keeps on digging, now he calls Valdary a slave? Twisted.
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