Scratch the surface and find the Jew hater

I am relatively new to the whole Twitter thing.  True I have had an account for some time, but frankly I just didn’t get the appeal. The BDS fail at UCLA prompted me to take a stab at the Twitterverse again. I was soon engaged by a young Israel hater by the name of Ziad Jilani who was soon after followed by an older  gentleman by the name of Rod McCalum.

The conversation focused on the goals of BDS and the integrity of Mr. Jilani. With just a few Tweets back and forth we were able to establish that Mr. Jilani is unable to articulate the Jewish right to any homeland. Mr. McCalum on the other hand seemed in dire need of a history lesson which I endeavored to provide. But just a few (honestly) mild Tweets to Mr. McCalum, a self-described human rights activist and “not an anti-Semite!” resulted in this.


Wow, it didn’t take long for that to come out.

But it’s not about Jews, just about Israelis, right?


In fact Rod has nothing against Jews or festering boils.

As he explains here…


and here…

Circumsision tweet

and this not so anti-Semitic zinger at myself and famous Israel activist Hen Mazzig. Don’t know whether to be insulted or flattered.


While some BDS proponents are sincerely naive, for most, when you scratch just beneath the surface you will find an anti-Semite just dying to get out. Thank you for the lesson Mr. McCallum. Oh, is there a Mohel in the house?  I’m told I need a trim.