I apologize but here’s another Richard Silverstein post

A good friend of The Mike Report implored us this evening to stop posting articles about Richard Silverstein, the Israel hater from Seattle. We tried to stop, we really did. But we came home tonight to this Twitter post from the bigoted blogger and well, we just had to share. Why should we be the only ones suffering from nausea?


The seemingly race obsessed Richard became incensed after seeing a picture of two young people celebrating Israel at the AIPAC conference today. But Silverstein is incapable of seeing two wonderful human beings following their conscience and acting on their beliefs.  All that Silverstein can apparently see is a gay man and a black woman; there is nothing else. 

Sadly, the ugliness that  Silverstein displays is too often one of the core motivators behind anti-Israel activists; many are simply bigots.

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