Anti-Israel scheming by SJP (& a new cartoon).


Students for Justice in Palestine exploit Jewish Holiday to attack Israel.

Anti-Israel group Students for Justice in Palestine have rolled out a nationwide campus campaign against Israel to be initiated during the Jewish celebration of Passover. The group was recently banned from the Northeastern University campus after engaging in repeated acts of bullying and intimidation.

“It is a call to stand for the rights of Palestinians, and a call to end university complicity in Israeli Apartheid. Through a coordinated day of action of sit-ins, rallies, and teach-ins, SJP chapters across the country will be sending the unequivocal message that we will not be silenced or intimidated by Zionist groups or campus administrations.”

The strategy of scheduling anti-Israel events on the dates of Jewish religious observances is nothing new.  Radical groups in Seattle, like SUPER-UW and  Jewish Voice for Peace almost exclusively schedule their anti-Israel protests on the Jewish Sabbath.

This cynical exploitation of Jewish culture and religious observance is just another tangible example of the amoral Jew-hatred that fuels these organizations and is the inspiration for our latest cartoon.

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