UW Divestment Resolution leaves Style Committee – Gains Sponsors



University of Washington Senate Resolution R-20-39 calling for the school to divest from companies that “provide equipment or services used to directly maintain, support, or profit from the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land”, left [the style] committee today, the last day of Passover, and is awaiting presentation before the full senate.

Clarification 04-29-2014: ASUW Style Chair Forrest Taylor clarified that the resolution went to the “Style Committee” which he describes as a “glorified spell checker”. The Style committee  assures that any grammatical errors are corrected and that any proposed resolution is laid out in the proper format. Forrest added that a resolution entering or leaving the style committee is not an endorsement of the legislation but rather a confirmation that it meets the required format. The resolution will be assigned to an actual legislative committee during first readings which has not occurred as of yet.

Student Senator Amira Mattar joined  Peter Brannan as co-sponsors of the anti-Israel resolution introduced on April 14th, the eve of the Jewish Holiday of Passover. Mattar, a  freshman at the University of Washington majoring in International relations is active in SeaMaC, a group associated with a series of controversial anti-Israel bus ads. 

Organizational sponsors include Black Student Union, MEChA, Third Wave Feminists, International Socialist Organization, D.A.S.A (Disability Advocacy Student Alliance), Disorientation UW, and Solidarity with UW Custodians.

The resolution has left committee and is awaiting “First Floor Consideration” which may come as early as this  Tuesday, April 29th.

Students opposed to the divestment resolution have begun to organize on campus, unveiling a new Facebook Page today, Huskies against Divestment (HAD).   Their latest post reports that..

R-20-39 did not reach the ASUW Senate floor this evening. It will be on the agenda again in the coming weeks. We will continue to advocate towards a solution that promotes the rights of both sides of the conflict rather than a one-sided resolution which promotes one side’s claims over the other.

We call on the ASUW Senate to support peace, coexistence and a just solution to the conflict. As supporters of peace, open dialogue, education and constructive efforts to promote reconciliation, we urge the ASUW Senate to vote NO on R-20-39.

This seems like an apropos time to re-watch Ben Shapiro’s masterful take-down of a similar divestment resolution at UCLA this past February, The Mike Report will continue to keep readers posted as the situation develops. 


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