Racist Israelis tortured him with kindness


Israel has taken quite the PR beating this week. First it was revealed that convicted Palestinian terrorist Issa Abd Rabbo was denied his stamp collection while serving a prison term for the cold-blooded murder of two Israelis. Now Palestinian journalist Majd Kayyal describes the horror of the Shin Bet interrogation he endured following his illegal foray into Hezbollah-land (i.e. Lebanon).

In an interview in the rabid Israel hating 972 Magazine, Kayyal was asked to describe his experience being interrogated by the Israeli Intelligence Services, Shin Bet.

972 Magazine: So how was detention? How were you  treated?

Majd Kayyal: I’ll surprise you. They were very nice, and therein lies their racism.

Huh and what? They were nice and thus racist?

 Kayyal explains that they were only nice to him because he is sooooooo good-looking. If he had been, well a bit more swarthy who knows what they might have done, denied him his stamp collection? Kayyal explains, sort of…

“In front of them sits a “white boy” with green eyes from an educated family, and in their understanding, I am closer to them on the human scale, the same Zionist scale that categorizes people in Israel. Though I’m not a whole person like them, I’m more of a person than a detainee or a prisoner who arrived from Gaza or the Occupied Territories, for example.”

Barbaric Shin Bet tactics include being nice and lots of coffee.

Barbaric Shin Bet tactics included being nice and lots of coffee (sounds a lot like Starbucks).

But it was not all coffee and giggles for Kayyal.

“I had coffee! All the time!” Majd says out loud and then bursts into laughter.”

Oh, well maybe it was. But I bet it was instant coffee; those bastards!

This story reminds me of the bizarre experiences of Israeli soldier Hen Mazzig who was accused of being a racist because he didn’t rape Palestinians. In any case, should you ever be interrogated by the Shin Bet, be prepared… and bring your own creamer.