When Jeremy Ben-Ami met with Mahmoud Abbas – an imaginary fact based conversation


In Israel this morning, the media was  preoccupied with the announcement that Fatah and Hamas had agreed to a unity government, a treaty between terrorists if you will. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the Palestinian reconciliation deal a “giant leap backwards” adding “the pact with Hamas kills peace.”

But there was one man, a visionary really, who was able to see this rapprochement of terror factions as a good thing. J-Street’s own Jeremy Ben-Ami. 


In a press release today Ben-Ami urged Israel not to walk away from the peace talks just because Abbas has allied himself with a group of Jew hating genocidal maniacs, or as he put it…  

“J Street believes the Israeli government’s decision to suspend peace talks with the Palestinians over the preliminary reconciliation deal between Fatah and Hamas is premature.” 

Despite Abbas’ sabotage of the peace talks and new-found alliance with the Hamas terror state, Ben Ami (with a straight face mind you) described the PLO as…

“a Palestinian government that rejects terrorism and believes in a two-state solution and Israel’s right to exist in peace and security.”

Is marijuana even legal where Ben-Ami lives?

In a  column for the ages, lefty Journalist Ari Shavit throws up his arms as he unravels the insane peace dance between Israel and the PLO. The article, titled “waiting for the Palestinian Godot” is a must read. “Take heed” warns Shavit;

“Twenty years of fruitless talks have led to nothing. There is no document that contains any real Palestinian concession with Abbas’ signature. None. There never was, and there never will be.”

But back to Jeremy Ben-Ami.  As I tried to wrap my head around the possibly Cannabis (or Soros cash)  infused delusion that is J Street, I allowed my mind to wander to an imaginary (but very realistic) conversation between Jeremy Ben-Ami and PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas. Cue dreamy sounds and blurry undulating screen.


Ben-Ami: It’s just awful that Netanyahu walked away from the peace talks.

Abbas: Umm, we were the ones who walked away.

Ben-Ami: Of course, because there was nobody to talk with.

Abbas: No, we walked away because our demands were not met.

Ben-Ami: You mean when they unreasonably demanded you recognize Israel as a Jewish state?

Abbas: No you nitwit, OUR demands were not met.

Ben-Ami: You mean your demand that Israel return to 1967 borders in return for an end to the conflict.

Abbas: What?! No. Our demand that Israel release hundreds of terrorists just to have talks.

Ben-Ami: Yes, Israel broke their promise to you. And if they released the prisoners then you would negotiate.

Abbas: Yes.

Ben-Ami: I knew it! And all Israel needs to do for peace is go back to the 1967 borders.

Abbas: Cough, 1948, cough.Separated at birth

Ben-Ami: God bless you, would you like a cough drop?

Abbas: Did your Jewish hands touch it?

Ben-Ami: Well, Um yes.

Abbas: No thank you.

Ben-Ami: You’re welcome. Where were we? Oh, Yes. 1967 borders.

Abbas: And the flooding of five million Arabs into Israel.

Ben-Ami: Reasonable, reasonable. But that is just a negotiating tactic of course.

Abbas: Says who?

Ben-Ami: To flood Israel with five million Arabs would mean the end of the Jewish state. You can’t really mean that?

Abbas: Yes, I do mean that.

Ben-Ami: No you don’t. Ouch! What was that?!

Abbas: I just sucker punched you in the face.

Ben-Ami: No, you didn’t. Do you have any gauze or sani-wipes handy?

Abbas: No.

Ben-Ami: Back to our conversation. Your partnership with Hamas is your way of moderating their extreme views, right?

Abbas: Moderating them? Have you ever spoken to these people? When they watch Star Trek they cheer for the Klingons. They have deli sandwiches named after concentration camps! Haven’t you heard their Jew hiding behind a tree routine?

Ben-Ami: Good, that’s what I was hoping to hear. We will send out a press release blaming Israel and telling Kerry to give peace talks more time.

Abbas: OK, where are the cameras? Is that Ashton Kutcher show still on American TV, what is it called, Punked?

 The End

Ben-Ami: No it isn’t.

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