J Street supports Kerry after Apartheid remark


Buzzfeed is reporting today that several pro-Israel groups have issued strong condemnations of Secretary of State John Kerry’s explosive remarks asserting that Israel is at risk of becoming “an Apartheid state”.  AIPAC issued a press release today which said in part.

The reported remarks on apartheid by Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday are deeply troubling. Any suggestion that Israel is, or is at risk of becoming, an apartheid state is offensive and inappropriate. The Jewish state is a shining light for freedom and opportunity in a region plagued by terror, hate and oppression.

At this critical moment, the true focus of those who support peace should be on urging President Abbas to revoke his destructive agreement with the terrorist organization Hamas, and continue peace negotiations with Israel without preconditions.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) issued a similar statement.

“It is startling and deeply disappointing that a diplomat so knowledgeable and experienced about democratic Israel chose to use such an inaccurate and incendiary term. We appreciate Mr. Kerry’s deep concern for Israel and his desires to ensure that it have a future of peace and security. Even if he used the repugnant language of Israel’s adversaries and accusers to express concern for Israel’s future, it was undiplomatic, unwise and unfair. Such references are not seen as expressions of friendship and support.”

Surprisingly (ok, not surprisingly) one “pro-Israel” group, J Street,  took a different approach endorsing Kerry’s assessment that Israel is on the road to Apartheid and asserting that…

Instead of putting energy into attacking Secretary Kerry, those who are upset with the Secretary’s use of the term should put their energy into opposing and changing the policies that are leading Israel down this road.

And thus we have exhibit #1342 illustrating J Street’s status as an anti-Israel group posing as a pro-Israel group.  Talk show host Ben Shapiro uses even harsher language, calling J Street out as a “fifth column” “pretending to be pro-Israel while undermining it”. Take a listen to this short excerpt.

Listen to the entire segment HERE it is powerful.


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