Anti-Israel BDS activist vying to head Seattle Teacher’s Union


Jesse Hagopian was thrust into the spotlight last year after leading a successful boycott against the use of standardized MAP testing at Garfield High School in Seattle.  His anti-testing activism made Hagopian a hero to many in the teaching field,  some of whom urged him  to run for union president of Washington State’s largest school district.  Which is what he is doing.


SEA candidate Jesse Hagopian making the case against the Jewish state. Sitting to his right is Cyndie Corrie (mother of Rachel Corrie).

But an aversion to standardized testing is not Hagopian’s only area of activism.  The High School history teacher is an enthusiastic advocate for the economic strangulation of the Jewish State.

Appearing at a lecture titled “BDS 101“, this past November, Hagopian and fellow panelists urged students at the University of Washington to support the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. The lecture was organized and sponsored by SUPER UW, the same organization currently promoting an anti-Israel divestment resolution at the University of Washington.

Being a history teacher one would expect Hagopian to strive for accuracy and balance, this was not the case during his

SEA Teacher's Union candidate sporting a t-shirt bearing the image of a a Palestinian throwing a rock (presumably at Jews).

SEA Teacher’s Union candidate sporting a t-shirt bearing the image of a a Palestinian throwing a rock (presumably at Jews).

presentation to Students at the University of Washington. The candidate for the presidency of the Seattle Education Association (SEA)  opened his presentation at the UW  obscenely comparing  the Democratic State of Israel to the horrors of South African Apartheid, proclaiming “Black

Americans have a proud long tradition of opposing Israeli Apartheid”.  Mr. Hagopian pointedly omitted the fervent support for Israel expressed by prominent civil rights leaders, most notably that of Rev. Dr.  Martin Luther King Jr.

Speaking at  a symposium titled From Jim Crow to Israeli Apartheid in November of 2012, Hagopian asserted that any Black voice that is supportive of Israel is illegitimate. Hagopian told the conference that  “blackwashing” [is] taking its place with “pinkwashing” and “greenwashing” as ways to obscure the bloody reality of Israeli occupation by positioning prominent African American leaders as supporters of Israel.”

Hagopian posited the false claim that it is illegal to teach ISraeli children about the Palestinian refugees of the 1948 war.  He callously referred to the resumption of  national rights to the indigenous Jewish population after 2000 years of persecution and exile as the “Nakba” (Tragedy).  

At no point during his slanted presentations did Hagopian make even the slightest effort to present the conflict from the Israeli perspective. 

Hagopian’s bias and outright hostility to the Jewish state is concerning enough, his unwillingness to even go through the motions of providing truth and balance to a heart wrenching conflict, we believe disqualify him from any position of leadership in the teaching profession. 

Hagopian’s presentation is at 39:42

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