Israel haters upset by Huskies against Divestment logo

Amira Mattar, the co-sponsor of the anti-Israel resolution that is set to have a first reading before the University of Washington senate this Tuesday is offended by this. 


Amira believes that her anti-Semitic (yes, it is) movement has a monopoly on being pro-Palestine and pro-Peace. Here is what she posted to Facebook.


Amira  is upset that the Huskies Against Divestment logo suggests that divestment supporters are anti-Palestinian and anti-Peace (she has no problem with the suggestion that divestment supporters are anti-Israel). To which the Mike Report says, if it walks like a duck…

Anti-Israel resolution R-20-39 will have its first reading in front of the UW student Senate this Tuesday, May 6th (Yom Ha’atzmaut). More info HERE.

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