Pro-Israel Huskies send message to community

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 The vast majority of students on any campus expect to spend their college years focused on learning and soaking up all they can from the rich academic environment. Few plan or hope to be thrust into the center of a battle for the survival of a nation. Yet this is exactly what has happened to the  dedicated group of Huskies at the University of Washington who have suddenly found themselves amongst the front line defenders of the Jewish state.  

The amoral bigots of SUPER-UW and their anti-Semitic allies have directed the full force of their international anti-Israel coalition towards the passing of a divest from Israel resolution at the University of  Washington. The Jewish community of Seattle rightly perceives this as an assault not just on Israel, but on the local Jewish community as a whole. This past week one of the major Rabbinic organizations in Washington state  publicly condemned R-20-39 and its proponents saying “The efforts of this movement are anti-Semitism cloaked as anti-Zionism.”

In an unprecedented display of communal solidarity, every local Jewish organization of consequence, over thirty organizations at press time, will be joining together with the entire Seattle Jewish community on May 28th for a major rally to condemn the BDS movement and their allies.

The dedicated group of students at the UW have sent the following open letter to the Jewish community and to all of their supporters in the Puget Sound region and beyond (See below).  Please show your support to our students by “liking” their Facebook page and signing their anti-divestment petition.