UW divestment resolution clears another hurdle


Shachar Golan explains why he is opposed to the BDS resolution while R-20-39 co-sponsors Peter Brannan and Amira Mattar look on.

Shahar Golan explains why he is opposed to the BDS resolution while R-20-39 co-sponsors Peter Brannan and Amira Mattar (left)  look on. Photo Credit: The Mike Report

The UW student senate committee for Academic and Administration Affairs (AAA) heard pro and con arguments this afternoon regarding an anti-Israel divestment resolution winding through the student senate (ASUW). Statements in favor were made by  resolution co-sponsors Amira Mattar and Peter Brannan. The statements in opposition were ably handled by Robbie Ellenhorn and Shahar Golan. The pro and con statements were followed by a fairly uneventful  eight minute question and answer session. 

During the Q & A, one student asked if a bridging resolution acceptable to both sides could be drafted. On this both sides agreed, the answer was no.  Another student questioned why the resolution title spoke of international human rights but the body of the resolution focused only on one country, Israel. Brennan stumbled through a fairly incoherent response about how the divestment resolution could be a gateway to dealing with other international issues. A student asked why the resolution singled out Israel in a region where horrific abuses are occurring on a daily basis. Brennan in effect responded that Israel is a good place to start and urged other senators to follow his lead and submit resolutions regarding other countries in the region.

Following the AAA meeting the committee re-assembled on the senate floor where a motion was made to have the resolution read and debated at the next Senate meeting on May 20th. Peter Brannan countered with a motion to initiate debate on the senate floor immediately. His motion was quickly and soundly defeated.

Illustrating the importance of the UW divestment resolution to anti-Israel forces;  present at the meeting today were several well-known BDS proponents including full-time Israel bashers Craig and Cyndie Corrie as well as Jewish Voice for Peace leaders Stefanie Fox and Eitan Isaacson. Jewish Voice for Peace is on the ADL list of the top ten anti-Israel organizations in the country.

It appears likely that ant-Israel divestment resolution R-20-39 will be debated and probably voted on this coming Tuesday, May 20th. We will update as soon as more detailed information becomes available.

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