UCLA Students brought before Judicial board – SJP Prez spouts anti-Semitic bile


I am certain they are devastated, shell-shocked,  frightened. Two bright, ambitious students swept up in a maelstrom of unchecked  hatred.  Their crime? Taking part in an educational program for campus leaders.  

Many of  Sunny Singh and Lauren Rogers’ fellow Bruins  have participated in similar leadership conferences and trainings, they are a ubiquitous part of college life. But this particular program was different, it was an educational junket to Israel, the Jewish state. And for this crime, the full force of a national hate group; Students for Justice in Palestine has been brought to bear against Singh and Rogers.

The two students were forced to obtain defense counsel to represent them as they were hauled before the UCLA judicial board last night.

Charges against the two student senators were filed by SJP President, Dana Saifan. 

UCLA Students for Justice in Palestine President Dana Saifan.

UCLA Students for Justice in Palestine President Dana Saifan.

Not one to mince words, Saifan said of Israel. What we see is a system of discrimination similar to that which existed in Apartheid South Africa and even in the American South during Jim Crow.”  Saifan’s  hatred of Israel is such that she  has publicly defended SJP’s refusal to  engage with any  individual  or group that doesn’t fully buy into their Israel as aggressor, Palestinians as victims narrative.


Exposing a motivation that goes well beyond advocating for the welfare of Palestinians, Saifan tweeted after the Judicial hearing last night.  “Pretty much just took the Israel lobby to court. Bye bye ADL and AJC .” Saifan is referring to the US-based Jewish  civil rights organizations , the Anti Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee.


A purveyor of the most obscene anti-Semitic canards, Saifan Tweeted yesterday “”The State of Israel has used Palestinian women’s bodies to execute blatantly racist imperial policies”.


Saifan  posted a link on that  Tweet to a shockingly depraved article by recent UCLA graduate Bayan Abusneineh who writes..

because European Jews were not part of the Arab and Palestinian culture, they were exempted from such codes and thus exploited women, fully aware of how the Palestinian population would react. Zionist gangs raped and butchered young girls and women, cut open the stomachs of pregnant women and ripped out the fetuses before killing them. 

The Judicial hearing held last night lasted several hours, The UCLA Daily Bruin reported…

This Judicial Board case and other events related to controversial divestment-related USAC resolutions have been at the center of heated disputes on campus throughout the school year. Because of safety concerns, Thursday’s hearing was closed to the public.

Because of safety concerns, Thursday’s hearing was closed to the public.

In April, Students for Justice in Palestine submitted a petition to the board saying that former USAC General Representative Sunny Singh and former USAC Financial Supports Commissioner Lauren Rogers engaged in conflicts of interest in February by voting on a resolution calling for UCLA and the University of California to divest from companies that profit from the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

Students for Justice in Palestine members claimed that Singh and Rogers should have abstained from voting on the resolution because they went on sponsored trips to Israel while in office. The Anti-Defamation League, a pro-Israel lobbying group that aims to stop anti-Semitism, paid for the majority of Singh’s trip and Project Interchange, which aims to increase individuals’ understanding of Israel and is run by the American Jewish Committee, paid for Rogers’ trip.

In October, councilmembers voted that Singh’s trip with the Anti-Defamation League did not constitute a conflict of interest and allowed him to sponsor a different divestment-related resolution. Throughout the hearing, students who supported Singh and Rogers argued that councilmembers had set a precedent with the vote and that council has the authority to interpret its bylaws as it sees fit.

The two former councilmembers said they felt that they were being personally attacked by Students for Justice in Palestine and that they went on the trips for educational reasons. “I have had nothing to hide throughout the year. I have nothing to hide now,” Singh said in his opening statement.

“Saifan questioned Rogers and Singh about the details of their trips, including the costs of the trips and the different commodities provided to them for free by the organizations. Saifan also aimed to show that Rogers and Singh had ongoing relationships with Project Interchange and the Anti-Defamation League, respectively.

In his closing statement, Rogers’ council, Ian Cocroft, said the Students for Justice in Palestine petition was a political move and an attempt go back and change council’s vote against the divestment resolution.

The Students for Justice in Palestine petition was – an attempt go back and change council’s vote against the divestment resolution.

Takakjian said the Judicial Board ruling in favor of Students for Justice in Palestine would discourage future students from educating themselves by going on trips such as those in question while serving in student government.

SJP is attempting to obtain a ruling that Singh and Roger’s trips to Israel last year should render their votes on divestment null and void. Undoing the two students’ votes would result in an overturn of the council’s decision to reject divestment from Israel.

Whether found guilty or not both Lauren Rogers and Sunny Singh have already been tried and sentenced. Singh lost his election for President due to the shadow of ethics charges hanging over his candidacy.  Both Singh and  Rogers have been pilloried and stigmatized, their reputations trampled upon. 

The word is out amongst campus progressives and PC sensitive types, learning positive things about Israel is a thought crime, an ethics violation. The only acceptable means of seeing Israel is through the putrid lens of haters and bigots. Whatever the outcome, the most ambitious and talented of UCLA”s students will now think twice before visiting the Jewish state.

The Judicial Board must release an official decision within two weeks of the hearing.