After nearly a month of maneuvering and lobbying, the UW anti-Israel divestment resolution will  be brought to the  senate floor for debate and a likely vote this coming Tuesday, May 20th. 

Rob Jacobs of the human rights organization StandWithUs has informed The Mike Report that “community members are welcome to attend the hearing, but  that the rules set for the debate have student senators speaking first followed by other students and then community members. Each speaker will have up to five minutes to speak”.

As was the case in prior sessions, senators will have the option of yielding their time to someone else in the room. Uncomfortable or unable to articulate their own position on the issue, BDS supporters have used this procedure in the past to defer to full time anti-Israel activists sitting in the audience.  

HADAccording to Jacobs “there will probably be at most 90 minutes for debate on R-20-39 and any other scheduled legislation, it is unlikely there will be much, if any time remaining for community members to speak after the student senators offer their comments”.

The session will begin at 5:00 pm in Paccar Hall, Room 192. The session is scheduled to adjourn at 8:00 PM. For BDS organizers, these divestment debates  are their reason d’etre, an opportunity to libel the Jewish state in front of a large, often uninformed audience.  Thus BDS organizers are likely to make a motion to extend the debate past 8:00 pm. It is also likely that such a motion for an extension will fail.

The Huskies Against Divestment students, according to Jacobs, are prepared for the debate. “They have been working on their talks and will be responding to the allegations made by SUPER UW’s speakers and the BDS divestiture resolution”.

The video below shows how BDS activists behave on those rare occasions when they actually win a divestment resolution, it isn’t pretty. The footage is from May 2013 at the University of California San Diego.

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