Sunny Singh & Lauren Rogers

Sunny Singh & Lauren Rogers

The Jewish Journal is reporting that a judicial board has determined UCLA student senators did not engage in a conflict of interest by visiting Israel. The two senators, Sunny Singh and Lauren Rogers were accused by anti-Israel activists of compromising their vote against divestment earlier this year by having once participated in a sponsored trip to Israel.

This ruling by the UCLA judicial board constitutes a failure of the latest BDS strategy to constrict campus dialogue and limit access to information regarding the Jewish state. This blow to the BDS movement comes down less than 24 hours after the University of Washington senate handed anti-Israel divestment supporters a major defeat, voting against the resolution by a stunning margin of 59 to 8.

The Jewish Journal reports that…

UCLA’s undergraduate judicial board — the student government’s equivalent of the Supreme Court — ruled Wednesday in a 4-0 vote that student government officers may take sponsored trips to Israel without it constituting a conflict of interest. Two of the judges abstained.

The Judicial Board’s full opinion will be released by June 4.

Read the full article at The Jewish Journal HERE.

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