Richard Silverstein lies… again

Liar, liar pajamas on fire!

Liar, liar pajamas on fire!

With his usual disregard for truth and responsibility, Richard Silverstein  posted this story and photo (see above) from the never reliable Middle East Monitor. Trying in his own little (very little) way to provoke a Third Intifada.

In his latest dingbat Facebook post  Silverstein proclaims it “A schandeh!” that “this Negev mosque” was demolished by “IDF bulldozers”. Problem is that “this Negev mosque” is not now and was never in the Negev and it  was never destroyed by IDF bulldozers. It may have once stood in Angola or maybe Gaza. Whatever happened to the Mosque, or why; it most certainly occurred before 2009 and had nothing to do with whatever the unreliable Middle East Monitor posits is going on in the Negev. 

A fictitious news story from a specious source in the hands of a mendacious man can be a very dangerous thing.

Looks like I am not the only one who caught this…


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