Is Jewish Voice for Peace just another Jewish group?

Why does JTNews treat Jewish Voice for Peace like any other Jewish group?

JVP Blackshirts at the PCUSA convention. Why does JTNews treat Jewish Voice for Peace like any other Jewish group?

As most readers of the The Mike Report are aware, the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) embraced the anti-Israel  BDS movement this past Friday,  approving divestment from businesses associated with the Jewish state. In the past such an act would have been met with universal Jewish condemnation. Such is the reason Jewish Voice for Peace was conceived, to shatter that unity and shield entities like PCUSA from being sullied by their own anti-Semitic bile.

A couple dozen members of  JVP circulated throughout the PCUSA convention last week, enthusiastically reassuring delegates that divestment from the Jewish state is 100%  kosher.  JVP members were easy to spot in their black shirts emblazoned with the words “Another Jew supporting divestment” .

Reform leader, Rabbi Eric Yoffie explains in a piece in Haaretz this week that

My view is that the church desperately wanted Jewish backing as cover for their pro-divestment position and Jewish Voice for Peace became the instrument for providing that backing—or, perhaps, a means for church leaders to delude themselves into thinking that Jewish backing really exists.Either way, none of this would have worked without the collusion of Jewish Voice for Peace, which has a tradition of cloaking extremist principles in ambiguous language.

JVP’ has specifically focused their efforts on  tearing down the once unified wall of community support for Israel here in Seattle. In March of 2012, JVP successfully pressured the Seattle City Council to cancel a reception for an Israeli delegation of Gay rights advocates. The group played a pivotal role in supporting the failed University of Washington divestment resolution and have been key organizers of BDS related efforts in Puget Sound.  

We bring this up only to remind our readership of the platform provided Jewish Voice for Peace by Seattle’s Jewish Federation owned newspaper, the JTNews.  Despite JVP’s designation by the Anti Defamation League as one of the top ten anti-Israel organizations in the country, the paper has repeatedly given JVP use of our community paper to promote their malicious agenda.  Most shamefully the paper gifted JVP with a half page op-ed in their February 13, 2013 edition  to smear the local victims of a vicious anti-Semitic attack.


The Mike Report is puzzled as to why JTNews, our Federation owned paper provides a platform to JVP’s radical anti-Israel agenda even  including a fawning description of Jewish Voice for Peace in their most recent guide to Jewish Washington. Perhaps you can help.