Sawant’s non-violent friends threaten The Mike Report

inviteAt the invitation of Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, The Mike Report recently attended a pots and pans noise brigade against the violence in Gaza. You can read about it here.

Sawant has repeatedly expressed her pride in the exemplary behavior of  these peaceful, non-violent anti-Israel protesters. Thus  The Mike Report was surprised to see the following violent, non-peaceful threat posted to the comments section of our Youtube video by a Melvin Neifert who implies he was a participant at the march.

Now that I know who the douche was that was capturing these videos, I know who’s ass to beat. 

The Mike Report is of course troubled by the sentence above. Specifically “Who’s” is short for who is or who has. Its usage makes no sense in this context. The proper construction of that sentence would have been “Now that I know who the douche was that was capturing those videos, I know whose ass to beat.”  No apostrophe needed. Melvin; please keep this simple grammar rule in mind when posting all future threats.

PS: Nice peace loving crowd you hang with Sawant.