JTNews gives voice to Seattle’s most virulent Israel haters


What good is having  a Jewish newspaper if it serves as a tool for those who wish us harm?

ProtestersThe anti-Israel and often anti-Semitic radicals who organize the pathetic displays of pro-Hamas kabuki street theatre do so with one goal in mind, to manipulate the media in propagating their twisted narrative. Such was the case last night when a bizarre coalition of Islamists, fringe leftists and left-over anarchists from the occupy movement converged to libel Israel and harm the Jewish state.

The group of about 70 never came close to achieving their stated mission of preventing the Israeli freighter, ZIM Chicago from offloading its cargo. But that was not their true intent, their rude antics were fueled by one goal, to have their twisted narrative of Israel as a genocidal rogue state spread as far and wide as possible.

Prompted by the growing popularity and even mainstream acceptance of Jew-hating groups like the Ku Klux Klan, Herman Horowitz founded the Seattle Jewish Transcript in 1924.  Horowitz’s  goal was to provide a vehicle  to tell our story, to share our facts and engage in our own defense. Hence the Jewish Transcript was born.

Here we are 90 years later and the once proud paper, a paper that once ripped back the veil of Jew hatred, rang the klaxon call  for the imperiled Jews of Europe and stood as an early and reliable defender of Zionism and the Jewish state, that paper is no more.

In it’s stead we have the Jewish Sound, or the JTNews or whatever it is called this week. A paper that has time and again served the agenda of those who wish us harm, too often merely  parroting the slander of Israel’s accusers, offering no context or Jewish defense.

Janis Siegel’s report in the JTNews of last night’s attack on the Jewish state read like a press release for the organizers of the anti-Israel action. She interviewed a rogue’s gallery of local Israel haters, swallowing and regurgitating their canards without once challenging the truthfulness of their statements or even their true intent.  Never in the entire article did she provide readers with a truthful pro-Israel perspective or response.

Siegel interviewed Nada Elia and dutifully repeated her slander that Gaza “is under an illegal blockade and cannot use its ports.” Elia’s accusation of Israel engaging in an illegal blockade is false on multiple levels. Firstly It is not illegal but rather a nation’s obligation to prevent the tools of war from reaching her enemy. Secondly, even through the worst of the violence Israel has continued to deliver food and humanitarian goods to Gaza (unlike Gaza’s Egyptian neighbor to the south).

Nada Elia. Support the expulsion of Jews from Israel.

Nada Elia. Siegel didn’t challenge Elia’s libelous remarks.

Had Siegel conducted proper due diligence she would have known (I am sure she does not) that Elia, a professor at Seattle’s Antioch University is a founding member of  the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. She has described Hillel, a campus based Jewish cultural organization, as a propaganda tool of  the Israeli government and most notably is a shameless proponent of the ethnic cleansing of Israel

In May of 2013 Elia disrupted a lecture by StandWithUs Shaliach Hen Mazzig. According to Mazzig, Elia insisted that Jews stole Palestine from the indigenous Arabs and that they (the Jews) needed to leave. Shocked by Elia’s expressed desire for the ethnic cleansing of Israel, Mazzig asked  “you’re talking about Palestine without Jews, you want all of Israel to be Palestine, where should we go?” To which the professor replied  “I don’t care! You stole our land! The Jews should not be there”.

Presumably to provide some balance; Siegel moves on to Ed Mast, founder of the virulently anti-Israel BDS supporting Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (Seamac). She portrays Mast as a kindly Shepherd guiding his flock telling us he “kept the protesters moving and motivated as they faced down police along their path and at their destinations.” “Stay together!” said Mast walking alongside them. “You have the right to assemble.”

She did not ask Mast about his vile bus ad campaign against Israel or his attendance at recent anti-Israel rallies where swastikas, and signs depicting Jews eating gentile children were on display.

Ed Mast at an August 4th, Swastika infested rally.

Ed Mast at an August 4th, Swastika infested rally.

The coup de grace was Siegel’s providing a soapbox to Craig Corrie, father of Rachel Corrie. (Rachel famously died while standing in front of a moving IDF bulldozer).  Corrie once again used the JTNews to put forth his slander that Israel is an apartheid racist state akin to South Africa.

Reported Siegel “Craig Corrie, the father of Rachel Corrie, who died in a 2003 protest in Gaza, and his wife, Cindy were there to support Block the Boat. “I think there needs to be an expense to Israel,” he said. “Just like in South Africa, this has gone too far.”

The JTNews repeats Corrie's slander, challenging not one word.

The JTNews repeats Corrie’s slander, challenging not one word.

Too far indeed. The Corrie’s are on the full time slander Israel circuit, they supported the BDS resolution at the UW and advocate for the demographic elimination of Israel via a Palestinian right of return. What would have been helpful for the readers of the JTNews to know is that the Corrie’s have both had private meetings with terrorist Yasser Arafat, supported the notorious Mavi Marmara flotilla and participated in a propaganda junket to Hamas ruled Gaza.

Intrepid reporter that she is, Siegel pursued none of these relevant exploits with her terror enamored subjects.

I do not for a minute believe that Siegel or any of her colleagues at the JTNews wish Israel or the Jewish people harm, in fact I am certain the opposite is true. But whatever their motivations, they have repeatedly proven themselves to be incapable of fulfilling their core mission and responsibility to our community.

When Corrie asked the boycott proponents if they thought their disruption was a success both responded with the exact same words. “Any delay works because it’s about sending the message.”

It is “about sending the message”, an extreme message designed to weaken and perhaps even destroy our only Jewish state. Why is it that we as a community tolerate our  Jewish Federation owned newspaper’s assistance of our enemies in achieving that mission?