Seattle Professor Drops the “F Bomb” on Israel


Warning: Extremely coarse language.

Professor Nada Elia of Seattle’s Antioch University is well known to The Mike Report for her obsession with the Jewish state, to be more specific her anger that the Jews have a state. Elia, a founding member the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel is a regular on the hate Israel circuit where she  has described Hillel, a campus based Jewish cultural organization, as a nefarious underground agent of  the Israeli government. In a previous Mike Report article we  reported that:

While often citing academic freedom when criticized for her extreme positions, this has not prevented Ms. Elia from trying to obstruct speakers who try to present a differing view of the Arab-Israeli conflict.  In May of 2013 Professor Elia promoted a petition to ban pro-Israel groups from speaking at Antioch University’s Israel Diversity Week. When the petition failed, Elia heckled and disrupted a talk  by Hen Mazzig, a speaker associated with the pro-Israel organization, StandWithUs. During the Q & A Elia shouted “why are you asking the occupier about the occupied!?”

At a speaking engagement at Portland State University last year Elia articulated her desire for an ethnically cleansed (of Jewish Israelis) Palestine.  Mazzig asked from the audience “you’re talking about Palestine without Jews, you want all of Israel to be Palestine, where should we go?” To which the professor replied without hesitation  “I don’t care! You stole our land! The Jews should not be there”.

In professor Elia’s worldview anything good, decent and civil about Israel is a trick, an attempt to distract from the “crimes against humanity” inflicted by the “Jewish democracy”. Her favored Israeli deception is the clever ploy she calls “Pinkwashing” whereby an entire nation pretends to treat sexual minorities decently just to make Arabs look bad for  oppressing  their gay and lesbian minority. Tricky Jews.

This past week in a praiseworthy expression of dismay and disgust Elia publicly condemned the bloodletting that is happening right now in Syria…just kidding, she had nothing to say about that. But the distinguished Antioch University Professor did have this to say about the Jewish state (and civil discourse) on her Facebook page the other day.


Update: A reliable source has informed The Mike Report that Elia’s contract at Antioch was not renewed for this Academic year. Although Antioch would not provide our source with the reason for their separation, from Elia, it may have had something to do with her outburst at last year’s Israel diversity week at Antioch. In any case, kudos to Antioch for finally doing the right thing.

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