When Jews Rock. Guitar King Lazer Lloyd Brings His High Energy Show To Seattle


Whatever stereotypes you may harbor about the ability of a Chassidic Jew to truly rock will be dispelled within seconds of watching Lazer Lloyd show off his sublime guitar licks.


Most people associate religious Jews with a fairly stern outlook on life.  That’s not difficult to understand; after all, when you see a person dressed in modest clothing, avoiding culinary pleasures like bacon double cheeseburgers, and not using a car or electricity on the Sabbath, all because of a religious devotion, it would be easy to jump to the conclusion that religious Jews are pretty serious folks and simply don’t like to have a lot of fun.

If you are an aficionado of true, impeccable musical virtuosity then you must see what Lazer Lloyd does with his guitar.

Well, as a member of the religion that brought you folks like Jerry Seinfeld, Rodney Dangerfield, and Billy Crystal, not to mention rock and roll party animals like David Lee Roth, Pink, and Gene Simmons, I can assure you that Jews like to party.  While the aforementioned artists may not be strict in their observance of Jewish law, even people who are observant, occasionally like to bust a move.

Case in point: the seriously groovin’ blues rock guitarist Lazer Lloyd, who will be performing in Seattle on Saturday, November 15th.  Lloyd, who grew up as a secular Jew in Connecticut, began playing guitar at 13 and working at blues clubs at 16.  As a young adult, he was introduced to Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, one of the most well-known Orthodox Jewish musicians of the late 20th century, well known for his outreach to disaffected Jews.  They started making music together, and Lloyd was hooked, not just on the music but on achieving a spiritual connection through Judaism.  His shows reflect his eclectic mix of influences, as he weaves a spiritual softness into his intensive guitar and vocal performances. 

Lazer Lloyd performing at the Israel Woodstock Revival.

Lazer Lloyd performing at the Israel Woodstock Revival.

From the moment the sounds of his guitar reached the air it was completely clear that this is a once in a generation guitarist.

The industry respected Jewish Music Report heaped praise upon Lloyd and his  new album “Lost on the Highway” saying “In the small world of virtuoso frum musicians, Lazer Lloyd stands tall. The blues guitarist, a veteran of Yood, Reva L’Sheva and Carlebach, has been making serious waves. He is routinely numbered among Israel’s top guitarists, and with his latest album, “Lost on the Highway”, he’s been turning heads in the secular world as well.”

Lloyd’s Seattle show also reflects an opportunity for a local school, the Torah Day School of Seattle, or TDS.  The nine year-old school, which provides education from preschool through eighth grade, is always on the lookout for creative ways to benefit the broader community as it pursues its fundraising goals. 

Unconventional fund raising is a bit of a thing at TDS, last year the school partnered with Pabla Indian Cuisine to sell kosher Indian food all over the United States, a type of cuisine that is not typically found even in cities with large Jewish populations.  The Lazer Lloyd show uses a similar design, with the idea being that patrons don’t necessarily care if their money is supporting a good cause – they just want to come hear a great musician. 

Tickets for Lazer Lloyd’s Seattle show (Sat. Nov. 15)  may be purchased at www.lazerlloyd.com