BDS Fail: Zim Djibouti Sails In And Out Of Seattle Without Disruption Or Delay


Zim Djibouti sailing out of Puget Sound without incident earlier today. Photo: Inbar Gazit.

Zim Djibouti sailing out of Puget Sound without incident earlier today. Photo: Inbar Gazit.

As predicted earlier this week by Pro Israel Bay Bloggers, the Zim Djbouti sailed in and out of the Port of Seattle today, unloading its cargo without incident. The “successes” of other blocktheboat efforts to impede the Israeli shipping giant from unloading cargo at California ports has everything to do with a local labor dispute and very little to do with anti-Israel thuggery.

Pro Israel Bay Bloggers reported this week that California labor unions are losing patience with BDS activists as well as renegade union shops that have endorsed  anti-Israel efforts. In a strongly worded letter issued earlier this week, the California Teamsters chided the renegade UAW Local 2865 for endorsing BDS. The letter read in part.

It has come to our attention that the Executive Board of UAW Local 2865 has endorsed the “Global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction Movement” against companies that do business in Israel…  As you are no doubt aware, the companies that are targeted by the BDS movement include numerous employers that are represented by organized labor, including many thousands who are represented by the Teamsters. Indeed, some of the companies you wish your union to boycott and divest from are represented by the United Auto Workers… Whatever your motives, we cannot conceive of an action more hostile to the interests of our members and more antithetical to the most basic principles of the union movement than for a union to call for actions which are intended to do harm to the economic security of other union members. Read full letter here.

Meanwhile Dean McGrath, the President of the local longshoreman’s union ILWU 23 made very clear in a recent tweet that they are starting to get a bit annoyed with the anarchists and BDS radicals of blocktheboat-NW (and it is not a good idea to annoy Teamsters).

Union letter 23

Tweet from ILWU local 23 makes clear they will not cooperate with BDS thugs. H/T Pro Israel Bay Bloggers.

Without union cooperation, BDS efforts to impede Zim from loading and unloading cargo are doomed from the start. Which is probably why they didn’t even try. We thank TMR reader Inbar Gazit for these great pics of the Zim Djibouti proudly sailing out of Puget Sound this morning without incident. 

In and out of the Sound without a peep from BDS activists.

Zim Djibouti sails in and out of the Sound today without a peep from BDS activists. Photo: Inbar Gazit.