Pro Israel Billboard Pops Up In Spokane

Spokane Israel Billboard2

Photo credit: Pro Israel Near Spokane


A loyal TMR reader and Spokane blogger who goes by the pen name of Neon Noodle sent us these great photos of a pro-Israel billboard that appeared in Downtown Spokane earlier this week. The billboard sports an Israeli flag on a black background with the words “Stand With Israel” emblazoned across the top. While the banner bears the Christians United for Israel (CUFI) logo, Noodle played an integral role in the procurement of the billboard. 

Noodle, who is Jewish, told The Mike Report that he funded the billboard together with a growing coalition of Israel supporters in the area, divvying the $850.00 cost between them. The billboard ad was placed in response to efforts by local anti-Israel activists to delegitimize the Jewish State. “My idea has been to put up a pro-Israel sign for some time now”  Mr. Noodle explained “and after my associates and I talked about it I went to a meeting for CUFI and then it all clicked. They were committed as an organization and the Jews here were silent so we financed the sign and put it where I wanted it planted with CUFI’s approval since we were using their design and logo”.

Israel Billboard Spokane

Photo Credit: Pro Israel Near Spokane.

Noodle manages the blog Pro-Israel Near Spokane which exposes local anti-Israel efforts and promotes the efforts of pro-Israel grassroots organizations like StandWithUs and CUFI. Noodle is hopeful that other pro-Israel folks will assist in keeping the billboard up. Noodle explained that “it costs us $700 a month to keep the sign up, we will happily accept donations from anybody interested in helping us. We would like to keep the sign on display for as long as possible but will need some help in doing so.” Interested parties or groups can contact The Mike Report and we will put you in touch with Noodle.

While the pro-Israel billboard in Spokane has so far stood unmolested, Randy Neal, the Western Regional Coordinator for Christians United for Israel told The Mike Report that other CUFI sponsored pro-Israel billboards have not fared as well. “In New Mexico two of our pro-Israel signs were vandalized” recalled Neal. “This had a galvanizing effect on area members that were outraged that anti-Semitism was strong enough in the land of enchantment that it manifested in the destruction of private property. The vandals probably did not anticipate that their acts would motivate several CUFI members to donate sign locations in high traffic areas and we have thus had several free pro-Israel billboards up in New Mexico for over two years.”

Noodle informed The Mike Report that the pro-Israel community in Spokane is growing, spurred on by the activities of radical anti-Israel organizations like Spokane Veterans for Peace and the  Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS). Last year the Spokane based Veterans for Peace placed a billboard ad blaming Israel for Washington State’s crumbling bridges. 

The “Stand with Israel” billboard may be found on the intersections of Division street and Riverside in Spokane. Noodle told TMR that the pro-Israel billboard was coincidentally placed just a block down from the PJALS headquarters.