Video: Canadian Indian Activist Stands Up for Israel at UC Davis

Ryan Mervin Bellarose. Photo Credit

Ryan Mervin Bellerose. Photo Credit


The Mike Report tends to focus on the Intersection of Jews, Israel and the Pacific Northwest, but when we came across this remarkable video of Native Canadian Ryan Bellerose educating a group of Israel haters at UC Davis, we just had to share.

For Bellerose, a Metis rights activist, the topic of “settler colonialism” is a personal topic, one he has devoted much of his life to understanding and educating others.  When Bellarose learned that visiting professor Magid Shihade (of Bir Zeit University) would be facilitating a round table discussion on “settler colonialism” at UC Davis, he thought it would be interesting to attend. 

But as he explains on the blog Israellycool where he is a contributor, rather than focusing on the oppression of indigenous peoples, the discussion merely served as an unchecked Israel bashing party of which truth was as plentiful as camels in Antarctica. Bellerose fumed as Israel was demonized and libeled, but when one of the students compared the struggle of Palestinians to those of the indigenous peoples of North America he could keep silent no more. Watch Bellerose calmly and eloquently educate the ignorant on the Youtube video below.

The equilibrium of the propaganda session was so upset by Bellerose’s sterling clear observations that Professor Shihade had to step-in and halt questions by UC Davis students being directed towards Ryan. 

For the full story of the events at UC Davis read Ryan’s full post at Israellycool. While you are at it I urge you to read what happened when Ryan, who is non-Jewish, decided to wear a kippa for a week.