Shock Video: JTNews Whitewashes Anti-Police Rally


As reported here this past week, the Seattle Jewish Federation’s JTNews (aka Jewish Transcript, aka Jewish Sound) published a fawning article on a  rally sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) held in downtown Seattle last Tuesday evening. Jewish Voice for Peace has been identified by the Anti Defamation League as one of the top anti-Israel organizations in the United States. The group works ceaselessly to demonize and isolate the Jewish state and plays an important role in the movement to Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel.

In our earlier article we shared with TMR readers how despite JVP’s hostility to the Jewish state, Seattle’s Jewish Federation continues to engage with the group, promoting them in the guide to Jewish Washington and even facilitating a young Jewish leadership conference to which JVP representatives were invited. While defending the aforementioned interactions with JVP, Federation President Keith Dvorchik has told The Mike Report that Jewish Voice for Peace is “identified by our guidelines as outside the tent and therefore not an organization we would partner with”.

In her article regarding the downtown rally, JTNews reporter Deborah Gardner painted a picture of a pleasant evening out on the town for a group of idealistic Jews seeking racial Justice for all. At no point in the article did Ms. Greenberg inform her readers of JVP’s intense hostility towards the Jewish state, their efforts to isolate and boycott Israel and their alliance with Israel’s worst enemies. 

But it turns out the JTNews whitewash went even further than merely obscuring JVP’s anti-Israel efforts. In a video of the rally released by Jewish Voice for Peace today, participants can clearly be heard engaged in inciteful anti-police rhetoric, even referring to Law enforcement officers as “racist”.

Despite the reporter’s presence at the rally, there is no mention in her reportage of the incindiary language used throughout the program. In every occasion that law enforcement is mentioned in the JTNews article, they are referenced as violent or killers.

Using Jewish Symbolism in anti-Police protest.

The video documents the extremist group’s appropriation of sacred Jewish symbols and prayer as tools in furthering their anti-law enforcement agenda.

One community member who asked not to be identified was incredulous that the Federation owned JTNews would provide a platform for purveyors of such extreme anti-law enforcement rhetoric telling The Mike Report… “Here we adore the police because they put their lives on the line for us at Federation, but we publicize events calling police in general racists? Is the Jewish community on board with that vast generalization? Does the Federation endorse that position or will it repudiate that?”

The JTNews has repeatedly flirted with  controversial anti-Israel and anti-community positions under the leadership of editor Joel Magalnick; providing gentle coverage of anti-Israel boycott efforts, whitewashing an anti-Semitic attack which occurred at a JVP sponsored event and even publishing a grossly insensitive opinion piece depicting Observant Jews as inherently selfish.