Israel Boycott Opponent’s Case Goes to WA Supreme Court

Notice of Boycott of Israeli goods at Olympia Co-op.

Notice of Boycott of Israeli goods at Olympia Co-op.

Back in 2010 when the Olympia Food Co-Op passed a boycott against carrying Israeli goods in their store, a small  group of pro-Israel co-op members challenged what they saw as unethical procedural manipulations used by the co-op to assure passage of the anti-Israel measure. 

The Olympian reported at the time that…

“As a result of the co-op’s boycott, Israeli products were removed from the co-op’s two stores, one in northeast Olympia and the other on Olympia’s west side. Boycotted products included gluten-free crackers, ice-cream cones and a moisturizing cream.

In response to the boycott, five (pro-Israel) Olympia Food Co-op members sued 16 defendants – 10 of the defendants were co-op board members at the time the boycott was adopted, and six defendants subsequently became co-op board members after that. The lawsuit, filed by Seattle attorney Robert Sulkin, alleged that the co-op’s board enacted the boycott of Israeli goods in violation of its own policies because it did not first reach consensus among its members.”

The suit was dismissed, with heavy financial penalties imposed on the pro-Israel co-op members. The verdict has since been appealed and has winded it’s way to the Washington State Supreme Court where oral arguments will be heard tomorrow, January 20th. 

For those interested in watching these proceedings, they will be carried live online from 1:30 to 3:30 P.M. HERE. Following this live session, the recording will also be available in the TVW Archives for later viewing HERE

The outcome of this case will be watched closely, not just by supporters of the Jewish State, but also her enemies. A cabal of anti-Israel groups including Jewish Voice for Peace, Palestine Solidarity Legal Support, American Muslims for Palestine and the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network have retained counsel and filed a “friend of the court briefing” against the small group of local Israel activists and in support of the boycott against the Jewish state.