Jewish Voice for Peace Disrupts Holocaust Memorial Resolution


JVP Announcing their intent to disrupt an NYC council meeting.

JVP Announcing their intent to disrupt an NYC council meeting.

Today, as reported at JP UPdates. Jewish Voice for Peace and others disrupted a Holocaust Memorial Resolution being passed in the NYC City Council. The group, it turns out were incensed that some council members were planning a visit to Israel. 

“Pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel activists disrupted the City Council’s stated meeting on Thursday while members were voting on a resolution commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. The protesters started yelling, “why are you supporting apartheid” and “Palestinian lives matter. After five minutes of yelling and screaming, the some 40 protesters were ordered to leave and were escorted off the balcony.”

Since the inception of The Mike Report we have struggled to help the Seattle Jewish Federation and their JTNews newspaper understand that Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is not just another Jewish activist organization. We have documented JVP’s appropriation of Jewish symbols and ritual to forward their agenda of eliminating the Jewish State. Yet our central Jewish establishment continues to promote and welcome these anti-Jewish radicals into our communal tent.

Thus to the Seattle Jewish Federation, to Hillel, to the JTNews, you can no longer claim you did not know. The next time you open your pages to JVP in our community newspaper or you roll out the red carpet for them in your Young Leadership sessions, you do so with eyes wide open,  knowing  full well who they are and what they have done.

Despite the desecration of the memories of our lost millions there was a redeeming moment in the NYC council chambers as Councilman David Greenfield proclaimed to the assembled in righteous outrage…

“I am still shaken, upset and angry. While we were discussing a resolution regarding the murder of 1.1 million human beings – I will point out that 90 percent of them were Jewish, but the other 10 percent, they were political dissidents .. those were the people who were being killed together at Auschwitz-Birkenau. While we were discussing that, they had the chutzpah, the nerve, the temerity, to unfurl a Palestinian flag and yell at us.”

“But I’m pleased, because we can stop pretending that this is about Israel. What we saw here was naked, blind antisemitism, good old fashioned antisemitism, that’s what you saw, and that’s what you watched, and that’s what you witnessed – people who were upset for one reason. Do you want to know why they’re upset, do you want to know why they’re angry, do you want to know why they unfurled that flag today? Because Hitler did not finish the job. He only wiped out half of my family.”