UW Prof Calls for Boycott of Israelis Other than Himself


In perhaps one of the more interesting, if not transparent responses to calls for the boycott of Israeli academics, a group of professors, including Israeli Professor Yomi Braester at the University of Washington, has called for such boycott efforts to be redirected towards Israelis other than himself.

Prof. Yomi Braester. Boycott for thee, not for me.

Prof. Yomi Braester. Boycott on thee, not on me.

The recently issued statement by thirteen academics affiliated with a group called Scholars for Israel and Palestine (SIP)  condemned “campaigns for boycotts and blacklists of Israeli academia” as “unjust and politically counterproductive”. But rather than condemning the entire BDS enterprise as immoral at it’s core, the concerned professors instead  provided anti-Israel activists with a boycott target list they could enthusiastically support. 

The scholars suggested (for starters) the boycott of three Israeli politicians Naftali Bennett, Uri Ariel and Moshe Feiglin along with Israeli activist Zeev Hever. The joint statement urged BDS activists to redirect their ire towards these four “legitimate targets”, urging  the “pursuit of personal sanctions” against them “by the US and the EU”. 

The BDS movement has so far not responded to the SIP proposal nor have they called for an end to their call for the boycott of Israeli academics.

The SIP statement may be found HERE.