Israeli Wines Banned From JVP Israel Bashing Seder

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Click on image for your own free JVP Haggadah (PDF).

Click on image for your own free JVP Haggadah (PDF).

Jews the world over will soon be celebrating Passover, the Jewish Holiday of liberation. For most, Passover is a joyous celebration where friends and family gather to recount the miraculous events leading the Israelites from slavery to freedom. Not so for the tormented, doleful radicals of Jewish Voice for Peace who are offering a Seder on Saturday, April 6th, 6:00 pm at the Southeast Seattle Senior Center.

Just as they did last year, JVP has assembled a unique seder ceremony, recounting the evil, malevolent acts of the Jewish denizens of the state of Israel.  Since the cognitive dissonance of Jews being the good guys and Egyptians being the bad guys may prove too much, the 2015 JVP Haggadah provides many helpful tips, like a reminder not to confuse Egypt with “Egypt” or evil Israelis with the “Yisrael” of the Passover story.

Mitzrayim and Israel

Adding a unique twist to our ancient traditions, you will find a couple of unfamiliar items on the JVP Seder plate, the orange and the olive.

Seder Plate


A centerpiece of any Seder is the recitation of the Ten Plagues inflicted upon the Egyptians as.  incentives for the freeing of the Israelite slaves. Jewish Voice for Peace ads a fun new twist with their “Ten Plagues of the Israeli Occupation” which include Poverty, Checkpoints, Water Shortage, Olive Tree Destruction, Demolitions, Child Prisoners, Profiteering, Denying Right of Return and Erasing Histories (try putting that to music).



Speaking of music, if you attend the JVP Seder you will be treated to a modern, hipper version of the old favorite, Dayenu, which means enough (we couldn’t agree more). Nevertheless here are some excerpts.

  • When the Etzel and the Stern Gang massacred 250 Palestinians at Deir Yassin, outside of Jerusalem, we should have said enough.
  • When soldiers rounded up Palestinian men and massacred them collectively, we should have said enough.
  • When Israel and the American Jewish community continue to deny the Right of Return to the refugees of 1948, we say: enough! Dayenu!

Read the whole song on Page 16.

But there are still some familiar stops on this JVP tragical Passover history tour, like Karpas, where the JVP’ers perform the traditional dipping of the greens in salt water. Of course the symbolic tears shed here are not for the misery of slavery in Egypt but rather for “the occupation”. Who knew?



Our sages teach us that the breaking of the three pieces of Matzah in Yachatz represents the three patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, by whose merit we were redeemed from Egypt. But alas, our sages would be wrong, the JVP Haggadah notes that the breaking of the Matza actually commemorates “the break that occurred in Palestinian life and culture with the establishment of the State of Israel


The ADL notes that “the introduction to the JVP Haggadah compares Moses’s famous declaration to Pharoah, “Let My People Go!” to the efforts of the Gaza Flotilla to “free” the Palestinian people by breaking Israel’s blockade of Gaza. According to JVP, the third cup of wine, which is traditionally consumed after the meal portion of the Seder, represents the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) of the Jewish state and Seder participants are encouraged to “make a L’Chayim” to BDS.”

LChayim! Death to Israel!

LChayim! Death to Israel!

And here comes the important part…

“Bringing a bottle of wine is great BUT we are respecting the Palestinian call for a boycott, so please try to bring wine (or whatever) made in places other than Israel. We will also be updating you about our exciting boycott campaign.”


As Jonathan Tobin observes in Commentary magazine “To single out the Jewish state for denial of rights in a way that no other country would be treated is an expression of prejudice. One of the standard tropes of anti-Semites is to try and paint Jews as the mirror image of their oppressors. Calling Israelis Nazis is a commonplace slur, but for Passover, the JVP has made them Egyptians and attempted to transform one of the sacred rites of Judaism into a vicious exercise in Israel-bashing.

In doing so, JVP has demonstrated that it has no place within the organized Jewish community or among the society of decent Americans. Their desire to wage economic war on Israel already places them outside the boundaries of normal political dissent. But their compendium of Passover-themed slurs is an act so despicable that it merits their being shunned the same way we would any other hate group.”

If you wish to attend the Jewish Voice for Peace Seder in Seattle this year, please click HERE.


Actual excerpt from the JVP Haggadah. Next year in Al-Quds? Really?

Actual excerpt from the JVP Haggadah. Next year in Al-Quds? Really?