Shock Video: J Street Speaker Calls for End of Jewish Majority State

Jewish minority1

H/T Elder of Ziyon: J Street revels in deception and obfuscation, they parasitically attach themselves to the banner of Democratic party Zionist liberalism, because, to paraphrase Willie Sutton’s apocryphal statement, that’s where the Jews are. But to those with critical thinking ability, the contradictions between J Street’s stated goals and their actions become increasingly obvious.

Case in point: J Street advisory council member Marcia Freedman told an approving crowd at the recent J Street Conference that Israel should acquiesce to Arab majority rule and accept a new role as a “protected minority”. The shocking comments were met with warm applause and nary a word of disagreement from the moderator or any of the other members of the J Street panel.

The very idea of Israel is that there be one small place on the globe where the Jewish people can determine their own fate, in their own land. To suggest that after 2000 years of longing, this miraculous achievement should be dismantled and our fate thrown to the good graces of an Arab majority is many things, pro-Israel is most certainly not one of them.

Below is a video clip of Freedman’s comments.

The full video may be viewed here.