Seattle “Human Rights Leader” Spreads Hate of the Jewish State


Seattle based anti-Israel provocateur, Amin Odeh. Photo Credit: The Mike Report, all rights reserved.

As chair of the Seattle based Arab American Community Coalition, Amin Odeh self describes as having “Over twenty year’s experience advocating for Justice & Peace and working on building bridges between communities”. As part of that “bridge building”, Odeh may hold the record for the most frequent comparison of Jews to Nazis. It seems he cannot post about Israel on his Facebook page without referencing the Third Reich or posting vile Der Sturmeresque anti-Semitic cartoons.

In the midst of the current stabbing intifada, one of Odeh’s favorite pastimes has been posting gruesome photos of Palestinians killed in the act of terror. Without fail, Odeh depicts the stabbers as victim.


In a typical Facebook post (left), Odeh refers to Israel using the term “Nazi” while falsely accusing Israel of murder. The same incident as described by the Daily Mail (right).

In a recent example, the Times of Israel reported that “A Palestinian woman was run over and shot while attempting to stab an Israeli civilian “. That same day Odeh posted a photo of the same Palestinian terrorist crumpled on the ground next to the knife with which she intended to murder Jews. Above the photo writes Odeh “What would it take to Stop these Israeli NAZIS?!!!”. The post goes on to accuse Israelis of planting knives next to “innocent” Palestinians.


In this particular case (as documented on the pro-Israel EOZ blog) The terrorist’s father praised his daughter for her lust for Jewish blood. “Thank God my daughter has done what needs to be done … I am very proud of her,” he said.

In a page straight out of the vile czarist forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Odeh declared in a Facebook post last week that “Zionists and their well paid friends run this world and not just media companies!” The accompanying graphic features heads of major media corporations along with a prominent star of David slapped atop their photos (just in case you missed the point).


While hard to top the above post for sheer medieval Jew hatred, Odeh succeeded this week, sharing a photo of a Jew-Devil Netanyahu sucking Gentile blood from a straw. In a clever flourish, the graphic is titled “Satanyahu”.


Rather than being shunned for his hate speech, Odeh is hailed as a dedicated human rights activist featured in a  gushing video and seated on the board of The Mideast Focus Group of Seattle’s prestigious Saint Mark’s Cathedral. The Mideast focus Group is responsible for an endless series of anti-Israel speakers and programs, including yet another anti-Israel film festival commencing in January 2016.

As long as the Jewish community gives Odeh a free pass, what incentive is there for him to stop spreading his hate?

While anti-Israel groups like the Seattle based Palestine Solidarity Committee and churches like St. Mark’s claim that their programming is anti-Israel, not anti-Semitic, their ready association with the likes of Amin Odeh tells another story. 

Naomi Solam, an instructor at a local Jewish day school lamented “As long as the Jewish community gives Odeh a free pass, what incentive is there for him to stop spreading his hate?”