Response to article on Rabbi Basior, “nurture your humility”

The Mike Report received the following ‘Letter to the Editor’ from Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg of Woodinville’s Congregation Kol Ami responding to a recent TMR story.  We thank Rabbi Kinberg for offering her perspective and for  joining the conversation.

Hi Mike,

Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg here. Not sure how I have managed to get away with not being attacked by your hateful pen after being here as a progressive voice for the past 13 years. BDS sure has attacked me and done to me EXACTLY what you are doing to my dear friend Rabbi David Basior. You and BDS are just different sides of the same coin. Hateful. Not interested in understanding. Using trigger words and images to promote your “cause” without any sense of personal integrity. David is a good human being who loves Israel just as much as you do. I know. That is probably mind blowing to you. That someone loves Israel as much as you do?!?!?! But yes. It is true.

I think we all need to ask ourselves– why would a rabbi support divestment and boycott efforts? I wish I had attended the Tikkun so I could understand better. Do you have a disdain for knowledge and understanding and wisdom and discourse? These are some of the most precious gifts of our Jewish tradition. Where do you go to learn about ideas foreign to you? Where do you nurture your humility and place of NOT knowing and understanding.

Take this letter to YOUR rabbi and ask him- is Rabbi Kinberg wrong? Ask YOUR rabbi if posting that piece about David was the right, just, humane, menchy thing to do. I can 100 percent tell you YOUR Rabbi will tell you to take it down and do teshuva.

Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg,

Congregation Kol Ami; Woodinville