BDS Supporter is Running for WA Governor



BDS supporting gubernatorial candidate David Blomstrom, Photo Credit: KPQ News

At just about this time last year TMR exposed Seattle School Board candidate David Blomstrom’s Jew hating screed featured in the 2015 Washington State Voter’s Guide. Readers may recall that King County officials had censored Blomstrom’s use of the “N word” but allowed his bigoted remarks towards Jews to remain.

Bolstered by his blistering defeat in the 2015 election, Blomstrom has expanded his horizons and is now running for Governor of the Evergreen State. His updated  statement in the 2016 Washington state voter’s guide is no less bigoted.

“Jewarchy. Merely adding that word to your vocabulary makes my campaign a success. If you’re bothered by the U.S. government giving billions of dollars to Israel – an illegitimate terrorist state – or Obama giving millions to wealthy alleged Holocaust survivors while snubbing homeless Americans or survivors of the ongoing Native American Holocaust, then you already have an idea what I’m talking about.”  -Blomstrom statement from 2016 Washington State Voter’s Guide.

A study of his political positions places Blomstrom in the mainstream of the Progressive Left. Wenatchee based news station KPQ reports that “Blomstrom is a big fan of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. “I like Chavez’ style”, said Blomstrom. “He was kind of similar to me in that he had a big mouth.  He really attacked George Bush, and I did too.  I hated George Bush.”


The enthusiastic support for BDS displayed by the likes of Blomstrom has failed to deter some in our own Jewish community from embracing  the anti-Semitic movement.



Graphic featured on website of BDS supporter and WA gubernatorial candidate, David Blomstrom.

Blomstrom is anti war and anti big business with a specific animus to corporate megaliths like Starbucks and Boeing. He is also an enthusiastic supporter of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. Blomstrom uses his website to promote BDS, dedicating a page to the tactic and providing a link to the official BDS website. The enthusiastic support for BDS displayed by the likes of Blomstrom has failed to deter some in our own Jewish community from embracing the anti-Semitic movement.

As to charges of anti-Semitism, Blomstrom is opposed to the use of the term, preferring instead the term “anti-Jewism”. He explains that his “Two specific goals are get the word ‘anti-Semitism’ replaced by ‘anti-Jewism’ and to popularize ‘anti-Jewarchism’ as a term for the non-racially motivated opposition to, fear or hatred of Jewish groups that are perceived as corrupt and/or too powerful.”