Seattle Rabbi Leads Delegation Against Jewish State


Rabbi David Basior is organizing a Seattle delegation to protest against the Jewish state. Photo Credit: Facebook


Seattle Rabbi David Basior will be leading a delegation of local Jews in opposition to an Israeli presence in King David’s once capital city of Hebron. One of the four holy cities, Hebron is designated a sacred space in the Jewish tradition. 

A longtime promoter of boycott against the Jewish state, Basior announced last week that “I have decided, with a group of Seattle Jews, to show up in Palestine [sic] this May in solidarity with nonviolent Palestinian activists resisting occupation in and around Hebron.”  Basior’s junket is being held under the auspices of The Center for Jewish Nonviolence (TCJN), an anti-Israel umbrella group affiliated with radical organizations like Jewish Voice for PeaceJ Street, Open Hillel, If Not Now and Students for Justice in Palestine. Some of these groups are prominent on the ADL’s list of top anti-Israel organizations, others, like SJP have been associated with bullying tactics and violent acts against Jewish students on US campuses. 


Seattle Rabbi David Basior announcing his plan to protest a Jewish sovereign presence in Hebron. Photo Credit: Facebook

TJCN is planning nine days of  “solidarity activism” with Palestinian Arabs from May 14 to May 22 of 2017 in Hebron and surrounding areas of the Jewish heartland. The group promises “sit-ins, and direct action”, often a euphemism for confrontations with Israeli soldiers. In June of 2016 the group infiltrated a closed military Zone in the Hebron district. The provocation resulted in orchestrated confrontations with Israeli police officers and soldiers, leading to several arrests.

Photo by A. Daniel Roth

Anti-Israel activist being arrested in Hebron, June 2016. Photo Credit A. Daniel Roth, All That’s Left Collective

Hebron has been home to an indigenous Jewish community from ancient times. The 1929 pogrom forced those Jews who survived the Palestinian lynch mobs to flee the city. Today a small community struggles to retain a Jewish presence in a minuscule portion of the city. Security guards and soldiers are necessary to preserve their safety.

The five Seattle area Jews joining Rabbi Basior are Rainer Waldman-Adkins, Chava Monastersky, Gillian Locascio, Simone Adler (aka River Vonkin), and Kathi “Katie” Harris. Rabbi Basior and his fellow anti-Israel travelers will be challenging Jewish sovereignty in the shadow of Maarat Hamachpela, the 1st century Jewish shrine built above the burial cave where the first Jew, Abraham and his wife Sarah are laid to rest. 

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Jewish women in Hebron praying at the burial place of Abraham. Jews believe the burial site of their ancestors (called Maarat Hamachpela in their ancient tongue), and the enjoining city of Hebron to be sacred ground.

Despite his promotion of boycotts and activities against the Jewish state, Basior has been honored as a Torahthon scholar at Herzl Ner-Tamid congregation on Mercer Island for the past two years.