Seattle’s Kadima Congregation Raises Funds for Group that Promotes Violence, Anti-Semitic Canards


Seattle’s Kadima Reconstructionist Congregation is raising funds to support ‘Youth Against Settlements’. The above screenshot documenting attacks against Israeli security forces was taken from the Youth Against Settlements Facebook page.

Seattle’s Kadima Reconstructionist community announced this week that half of all funds raised at their ‘Topsy Turvy Purim party’ this year will go to “Youth Against Settlements”, an extremist anti-Israel group. Youth Against Settlements is led by Issa Amro a radical provocateur who is currently awaiting trial under an 18 count indictment. According to media watchdog Honest Reporting, charges against Amro include several acts of violence against Jewish soldiers, police and civilians.


Issa Amro, coordinator and co-founder of ‘Youth Against Settlements. Amro is awaiting trial in Israel under an 18 count indictment that include charges of violent acts against Israeli security forces.

The Facebook page of the supposedly ‘non violent’ Youth Against Settlements includes multiple photos glorifying violence against Jews, including firing slingshots and hurling rocks.


Youth Against Settlements promotes violence targeting Jews, as in the screenshot above taken from the Facebook page.

Perhaps even more disturbing, as exposed by pro-Israel blogger  Elder of Ziyon, Youth Against Settlements has published blatantly anti-Semitic posts. One of the posts, clearly designed to provoke animosity towards Jews, features false Talmudic quotes alongside a photo of a Jewish man. 

Anti Semitic2

Youth Against Settlements has published blatantly anti-Semitic posts like the one above that was featured on their Facebook page. Rabbi David Basior’s Kadima Cong. is raising funds to support this group.

Kadima Congregation is led by Rabbi David Basior, who actively promotes boycotts against the Jewish state and is helping organize an anti-Israel delegation to Hebron this May.

One of those joining Rabbi Basior on the anti-Israel junket is J Street activist, Rainer Waldman Adkins.  Adkins boasted in an open letter on Facebook that he intends to use his status as a foreign national to impede Israeli police and security forces “because” says Waldman Adkins “the army is less likely to intervene when foreign observers are on the ground”.  


Kadima’s politicized promotional flyer appears to be advocating for “resistance” against the Jewish state.

Kadima’s promotional flyer for the ‘Topsy Turvy Purim party’ appears to be calling for “resistance” against the Jewish state, fifty years after the liberation of Jerusalem and the Western Wall.