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Hack Israel Day Fails – Cartoon of the Day

Cyber attack on Israel falls short of promised havoc Thus we present The Mike Report Cartoon of the Day! Christian Science Monitor (Christa Case Bryant): A much-hyped cyberattack on Israeli websites yesterday caused… Continue reading


From The Alegemeiner (Dr. Walid Phares): In a stunning move, the Associated Press (AP) capitulated to pressures by Islamist group CAIR to drop the use of the term “Islamist” when describing self-declared Islamists.… Continue reading

Cartoon of the Day – Lemonade for Palestine

One of the very best Israel bloggers out there, The Elder of Ziyon (EOZ) recently posted about the money chasing opportunists who swarm around the various world governments, charities and foundations who are… Continue reading

Jerusalem is our Cartoon of the Day

The Washington Free Beacon reports that President Obama’s  itinerary on the White House website  implies that Jerusalem is neither Israel’s capital nor even part of Israel. The president’s schedule lists two stops in “Tel… Continue reading

Cartoon of the Day: Bold Steps for Peace

Violence is the Cartoon of the Day

Kosher Hagel is The Cartoon of the Day

It seems that there is nothing  Sec. of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel can do that will wake American Jews out of their trance-like state. Hagel has said that the Senate is run by the Jewish,… Continue reading

Dershowitz on Pinkwashing & Cartoon of the day

Alan Dershowitz nails it in his latest article in the NY Post (Hat Tip SB). Which inspired our cartoon of the day. “The anti-Semite just knows that there’s something sinister at work if Jews… Continue reading

The Mike Report Cartoon of the Day

The Mike Report Cartoon of the Day

Cartoon of the Day

Cartoon of the Day

White House irked by Netanyahu’s “red line” speech

DEBKAfile reports that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton berated Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for the powerful presentation of his case for confronting Iran with red lines instead of hitherto failed diplomacy… Continue reading


Jerusalem Post: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper told Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that his speech at the UN is now “reverberating” around the world.. read the rest  Related articles Harper slags UN, assails Iran while… Continue reading

Israeli PM Will Get Phone Call From Obama

President Obama has faced criticism after finding time for appearances on David Letterman and The View but stating he had no time to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu regarding mounting tensions in… Continue reading

White House declines Netanyahu request to meet with Obama

The White House’s response marks a new low in relations between Netanyahu and Obama, underscored by the fact that this is the first time Netanyahu will visit the U.S. as prime minister without… Continue reading

State Dept. Again Refuses to Name Capital of Israel!

In what has become a theater of the absurd, the Obama State Department again proves itself incapable of articulating the name of the capital city of Israel. From The Weekly Standard:  The State… Continue reading

The Iranians are almost there. This is how they did it

The Times of Israel just published a frightening and detailed look at how Iran has come this close to building their nuclear arsenal. Since the last century, Iran has been methodically pursuing the… Continue reading

Cartoon of the Day – McGinn and the May Day Riots

  The Anarchist websites openly and in a detailed fashion broadcast in advance their plans to wreak havoc on the downtown streets. One day before the riots, the Seattle Times published on their front… Continue reading

Cartoon of the day – Obama lifts freeze on $ for Palestinian Authority

The Times of Israel is reporting that in defiance of the US Congress, President Barack Obama has lifted a ban on financial aid to the Palestinian Authority. Congress froze a $192 million aid package… Continue reading


Many have wondered how far the liberal Jewish “peace movement” would go before there was no differentiating between them and Israel’s enemies. Events of the past two months have provided us with the… Continue reading