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Alternate View: Jewish Activist Talks About Her Resistance To Occupation

Guest post by Rainey Fawnstein What I did on my spring break. Being a highly educated, very well informed, open minded millennial I am an expert in the horrors of the Israeli occupation of very… Continue reading

Israeli Wines Banned From JVP Israel Bashing Seder

Jews the world over will soon be celebrating Passover, the Jewish Holiday of liberation. For most, Passover is a joyous celebration where friends and family gather to recount the miraculous events leading the Israelites… Continue reading

Magical Shape Shifting Jews

Dana Kennedy from the Daily Beast explained to MSNBC yesterday that there are Muslims who believe that the terror rampage in Paris last week were committed by “a race of Magical Jews, shape… Continue reading

Just a Little Something to Hold You

Attendance at the Seattle premiere of the J Street Challenge at Congregation Ezra Bessaroth exceeded all expectations, with almost 250 in attendance. I am preparing an article with  impressions of the event along… Continue reading

Paltry Crowd Fails to Block Israeli Ship at Seattle Port

For the past two weeks the pro-Hamas Twittersphere and Facebook universe have been all abuzz about the latest tactic in the domestic war against the Jewish state, something they call Block The Boat… Continue reading

Sawant’s non-violent friends threaten The Mike Report

At the invitation of Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, The Mike Report recently attended a pots and pans noise brigade against the violence in Gaza. You can read about it here. Sawant has repeatedly… Continue reading

Exclusive video & audio of IDF preventing terror attack.

THAT’S ALL FOLKS! You may have seen this footage of the IDF intercepting a group of terrorists emerging from a tunnel en-route to an attempted terror attack. The Mike Report has obtained exclusive… Continue reading

NIF rushes emergency war grants to fund protests against Israel

WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE… The citizens of Israel are now into their second week of a horrific war of rockets inflicted upon them primarily by the Hamas terror group operating out of Gaza.… Continue reading

Richard Silverstein serves up a cheap whine

Richard Silverstein posted a pathetic kvetch on his hate-blog today. Seems he is just mystified why local media aren’t clamoring to hear him prattle about his upcoming anti-Israel BDS “event”. Says Silverstein… I’ve… Continue reading

Men in Black Kippot

Designed to bust morale and break our will to fight, The Mike Report has often referred to the BDS movement as the Psy-ops unit in the war against Israel. But the good guys… Continue reading

When Jeremy Ben-Ami met with Mahmoud Abbas – an imaginary fact based conversation

In Israel this morning, the media was  preoccupied with the announcement that Fatah and Hamas had agreed to a unity government, a treaty between terrorists if you will. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu… Continue reading

Homecoming Celebration at Al-Quds University

Tablet Magazine and many other news sources today reported on a lively paramilitary display put on by the fun loving co-eds at Al-Quds University near Jerusalem this past Sunday. While one may be… Continue reading

This is (the real) Palestine

THE MIKE REPORT GIVES A HELPING HAND TO PALESTINE VIDEO EFFORT H/T Israellycool: As part of  the This Is Palestine exhibition in Dubai, “The biggest Palestinian cultural events ever staged”,  organizers have produced a… Continue reading

Breaking News: Special report from Haaretz

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Iranian weapons ship arrives in Eilat is our cartoon today

From Haaretz: Dozens of journalists, most of them foreign, will attend a weapons exhibit and press conference on Monday afternoon, in which the arms seized on the Klos C vessel will be displayed. Prime… Continue reading

Hamas accident inspires a new cartoon

The Iranian FARS news agency reports today that a Hamas field commander was killed in what it called  an accidental “internal explosion”. Medical sources said that nine others were wounded.  Hamas named 30-year-old Ibrahim Nagib… Continue reading

Scratch the surface and find the Jew hater

I am relatively new to the whole Twitter thing.  True I have had an account for some time, but frankly I just didn’t get the appeal. The BDS fail at UCLA prompted me… Continue reading

UW rejects ASA Israel boycott…and a new cartoon!

  Seattle – Michael K. Young,  President of Washington State’s flagship university announced today the University of Washington’s rejection of   calls for a “boycott by American higher education institutions of universities and their… Continue reading

Stupid French Anti-Semites fall for fake Sarah Palin news story

ANTI-SEMITIC NEWS SERVICE FALLS FOR PALIN PRANK Anti-semitic French “Comedian” and politician  Dieudonne’s fascistic antics went relatively unnoticed in the United States until a photo of San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker  displaying Dieudonne’s trademark… Continue reading

Richard Silverstein calls himself a racist

Loyal Mike Report readers will recall past posts featuring Richard Silverstein.  Silverstein is likely the most prolific and wackiest anti-Israel blogger-twitterer in the blogotwittersphere.  And he lives in Seattle, making him a personal source… Continue reading