US to Iran; We won’t back Israeli attack unless you attack US interests

Shocker from YNET News; The Obama administration is sending as clear a message to Israel and Iran as possible, the US does not have Israel’s back as long as Iran doesn’t attack US… Continue reading

Suspect identified in south Seattle fatal shooting

The Seattle Times reports that the suspect in last week’s shooting in South Seattle has been identified. Turns out the suspect and victim were rappers involved in the shooting of a video. Read… Continue reading

Chaos in Seattle; City Surrenders to Thugs

MIKE REPORT OPINION: The Seattle PI reports that; “Medics arrived to a chaotic scene after a man in his 20s was shot Wednesday night near the Jack in the Box on Rainier Avenue… Continue reading

The Anti Nakba; Jewish Refugees from Arab & Muslim Lands

On May 15th 1948, after 2000 years of forced exile, the Jewish state was reborn. The fledgling state was immediately set upon from without and within by local Arabs as well as invading… Continue reading

High School Student Finds Dad A Kidney on Facebook

Legs trembling, physically exhausted and overcome with the euphoria that accompanies great accomplishment, Nick Alkan stood proudly next to his father Brett on the Summit of Mt. Rainier. Nick Recalls “It was so… Continue reading

Israeli Athlete wins Medal, No Hatikva? No Problem!

Organizers of a para- rowing competition in Italy apparently didn’t take into consideration the possibility that the Israeli contender, Moran Samuel, would win the competition, so a recording of the Israeli national anthem,… Continue reading

Cartoon of the Day – McGinn and the May Day Riots

  The Anarchist websites openly and in a detailed fashion broadcast in advance their plans to wreak havoc on the downtown streets. One day before the riots, the Seattle Times published on their front… Continue reading

Occupy Mayhem; Why Now?

A MIKE REPORT EDITORIAL –  This evening found Downtown Seattle’s sidewalks covered in the broken glass shard remnants of a day of violent protests while the sharp aroma of pepper spray still hung… Continue reading

Cartoon of the day – Obama lifts freeze on $ for Palestinian Authority

The Times of Israel is reporting that in defiance of the US Congress, President Barack Obama has lifted a ban on financial aid to the Palestinian Authority. Congress froze a $192 million aid package… Continue reading


NEW ISRAEL POLL: PROUD TO BE ISRAELI, LOVE EACH OTHER, LOVE THE LAND. JERUSALEMITES AND RELIGIOUS MOST HAPPY While it may seem to fly in the face of conventional wisdom, a new Israel… Continue reading


UNDERSTANDING THE CLIMATE CHANGE SKEPTICS This article is written for those of you who have trouble understanding  “Climate Change Skeptics”. Unlike what you may have been told, they love the environment, they want… Continue reading


Many have wondered how far the liberal Jewish “peace movement” would go before there was no differentiating between them and Israel’s enemies. Events of the past two months have provided us with the… Continue reading

Palestinian prisoners in Israel begin humor strike

By Cobias Gluck in Jerusalem JERUSALEM – More than 1,200 Palestinian prisoners held in an Israeli detention center threatened to begin a humor strike to protest what they say is the harsh treatment received… Continue reading


From Petah Tikva take route 5 due east, drive for about ½ hour through the rolling ancient hills of Samaria, occasionally passing by a Jewish town or Arab village. Slow down as you… Continue reading

Cartoon of the Day – Passover is over




FROM THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER Paul Bedard Reporting: Engineers, scientists, astronauts ask NASA administration to look at empirical evidence rather than climate models In an unprecedented slap at NASA’s endorsement of global warming science, nearly… Continue reading


A meeting  between the Seattle City Council’s LGBT Commision and a delegation of gay activists from Israel was cancelled last month after local groups alleged the meeting was really part of an elaborate plan to “Pinkwash”… Continue reading

Elderly UK Woman Forced to Find New Doctor Because of ‘Carbon Footprint’

If you live in England you do not need to worry about medical bills, the government will pay for it. While this may sound like the healthcare utopia envisioned by proponents of Obamacare,… Continue reading


Here in the Pacific Northwest,  Israel is not so much a topic of discussion for some, but rather an obsession. One person for whom this is true is Richard Silverstein. Seattle resident, Richard… Continue reading