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St. Mark’s Cathedral; hatred in the center of Seattle

The historic relationship between the Christian Church and the Jewish people has not been a good one. Stoked by accusations of deicide and nurtured by replacement theology, church inspired persecutions were common throughout… Continue reading

UW rejects ASA Israel boycott…and a new cartoon!

  Seattle – Michael K. Young,  President of Washington State’s flagship university announced today the University of Washington’s rejection of   calls for a “boycott by American higher education institutions of universities and their… Continue reading

ASA and our Cartoon of the Day

Commentary on the recent American Studies Association decision to conduct an academic boycott of Israel has flooded the interwebs. One of the best analysis so far has been that of Jon of Divest… Continue reading

Does Shoah event protester head a fabricated organization?

Local activist Jafar “Jeff” Siddiqui under the aegis of his group “American Muslims of Puget Sound” (AMPS) has protested college speakers, anti-terror ads, documentary filmmakers even holocaust education organizations. But does his group even… Continue reading

Islamic group disrupts Seattle Holocaust memorial luncheon

The Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center‘s (WSHERC) mission is “to inspire teaching and learning for humanity in the schools and communities of this region through study of the Holocaust”. The group is immaculately… Continue reading

They both can’t be true… can they?

JTNews,  “The Voice of Jewish Washington”, continues to treat anti-Israel Jewish Voice for Peace as a legitimate mainstream community organization. The paper serves as a de-facto public relations firm for the radical group,… Continue reading

JTNews whitewashes ADL designated anti-Israel group… and a new Cartoon.

The Anti Defamation League (ADL), America’s leading Jewish civil rights organization today released  its annual list of the  “Top Ten Anti-Israel Groups in the U.S.” and  again Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) made… Continue reading

Nazi flag flying high in Palestinian town

Israel National News and Israel’s Channel 4 are both reporting  that  Israelis motorists driving by the Palestinian Authority controlled village of Beit Umar were shocked by the sight of the Nazi flag flying high… Continue reading

StandWithUs counters misleading anti-Israel bus ads in Vancouver BC

A war is being waged against the Jewish state, it is virulent, irrational and motivated by hate. This war on Israel is not being fought in the Middle East, it is being fought in… Continue reading

Why was Rachel Corrie’s father on the cover of the JTNews?

On September 25th of 2003 Craig Corrie appeared with Yasser Arafat where he opined on the brutality of the Jewish state, In January of 2011 he appeared on the infamous Mavi Marmara in Turkey, together… Continue reading

1st Annual Letter of the Year Award

The Jewish New Year of 5774 is upon us so what better time to bestow The Mike Report 1st Annual Letter of the Year Award to our lucky winner. This special honor is presented to… Continue reading

When it comes to anti-Semitism many are in a cocoon

The ElderofZiyon blog offers up a timely and thoughtful  analysis of Peter Beinert’s latest article in the New York Review of Books where Beinert promotes increased Jewish community engagement with Palestinian activists.  Sadly, his impulse to minimize hatred… Continue reading

JTNews Publishes Letter of Blood Libelist

  Should the JTNEWS give print space to a woman who claims Israel uses snipers to kill children? The August 16th edition of the JTNews featured a Letter to the Editor from Linda… Continue reading

“Jews” March with Hezbollah

This past Friday was celebrated internationally as Al Quds Day, that special  day when Jew haters around the world can let their freak flag fly.  It is one of those heartwarming experiences where  Islamists and their friends… Continue reading


Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers posted a devastating and comprehensive exposé by NGO Monitor revealing the duplicitous and dishonest tactics of Jewish Voice for Peace.   From the report:  “Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is a U.S.-based organization,… Continue reading

Palestinians fly Nazi flag alongside Israeli Highway

Over the past several hours multiple Israel based news agencies have reported the disturbing sight of a large Nazi flag flying  over the mosque of the Palestinian village of Beit Umar (Bayt Umar).… Continue reading


  The JTNews, a newspaper owned by the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, bills itself as “The Voice of Jewish Washington.”  Do Jewish Washingtonians want their “voice” used to promote organizations bent on the destruction… Continue reading

Jewish Voice for Peace; A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Lee Kaplan is a blogger who does some of the best investigative work on Islamic funded Anti-Israel front groups like Neturai Karta. In his latest piece Lee exposes the origins and motives behind the misleadingly labeled Jewish… Continue reading


NEW ISRAEL POLL: PROUD TO BE ISRAELI, LOVE EACH OTHER, LOVE THE LAND. JERUSALEMITES AND RELIGIOUS MOST HAPPY While it may seem to fly in the face of conventional wisdom, a new Israel… Continue reading