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My visit to anti-Israel events at St. Mark’s – part two

Guest writer Randy Kessler follows up on his recent column about anti-Israel events at Seattle’s St. Mark’s to ask some pointed questions. My recent column on  The Mike Report, about my experiences at… Continue reading

We were Palestinians once… and young

JEWISH TRANSCRIPT ARCHIVE REVEALS A TIME WHEN PALESTINIAN MEANT JEWISH Seattle’s JTNews, formerly known as the Jewish Transcript has begun digitizing the newspaper’s archives, making the historic folios available to the public online.  Currently… Continue reading

Palestinian-Jewish Encounters of the Rigged Kind

Jewish-Palestinian dialogue organizations offer feel good encounters that do not serve the cause of peace. On 2 August 1990 Iraq launched a full scale invasion of Kuwait. Conservative estimates place the number of… Continue reading

Commenter on Open Zion delivers brilliant explanation of Israel – and a new cartoon!

On Open Zion this week, Tom Pessah, an Israeli Jew studying in Berkeley wrote a multi-point apologia for the BDS movement, promoting the ultimate goal of BDS, the supposed Palestinian “right of return”. Rejecting… Continue reading

Cool picture of what synagogue on Temple Mount might look like

Back in 1980 Rabbi Dov Lior, Rabbi Chaim Druckman, Rabbi Eliyahu Yosef She’ar Yashuv Cohen and Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu  submitted a letter to Israeli government authorities urging the construction of a synagogue  in a halachically unrestricted area of… Continue reading

Arab youth infiltrates Western Wall, declares Muslim sovereignty over Jewish holy site

SHOCK PHOTO: ARAB POSES AT JEWISH HOLY SITE TO ASSERT MUSLIM SOVEREIGNTY.  PA DOCUMENTARY PLEDGES HOMES TO BE BUILT ON WESTERN WALL PLAZA  Dozens of news agencies this past week featured breathless headlines on a fairly… Continue reading

How the media puts Israel in a perpetual “Catch 22”

Do you remember  back in 2000 when Arafat rejected Ehud Barak’s offer to abandon up to 97% of Judea & Samaria (plus land swaps) and East Jerusalem in return for peace? At the time many pro-Israel… Continue reading

The 22 Elephants in the Negotiating Room

The Mike Report is generally the eternal optimist, but in regards to the current negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority I feel the need to coin a phrase from the Star Wars… Continue reading


From The Alegemeiner (Dr. Walid Phares): In a stunning move, the Associated Press (AP) capitulated to pressures by Islamist group CAIR to drop the use of the term “Islamist” when describing self-declared Islamists.… Continue reading

Jewish Voice for Peace; A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Lee Kaplan is a blogger who does some of the best investigative work on Islamic funded Anti-Israel front groups like Neturai Karta. In his latest piece Lee exposes the origins and motives behind the misleadingly labeled Jewish… Continue reading

Israeli Flag Manufacturer Thriving due to Unexpected Customers

Shlomo Herzberg walked past the raucous din of row upon row of humming sewing machines to show off the latest addition to his football field sized factory warehouse, four brand new state of… Continue reading

The Anti Nakba; Jewish Refugees from Arab & Muslim Lands

On May 15th 1948, after 2000 years of forced exile, the Jewish state was reborn. The fledgling state was immediately set upon from without and within by local Arabs as well as invading… Continue reading