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Israel haters and Hezbollah at the University of Washington

While life goes on as usual in the caffeinated city, a concentrated and vicious strain of Israel hatred has taken root at the center of Washington State’s flagship University.  I received the call… Continue reading

“Jews” March with Hezbollah

This past Friday was celebrated internationally as Al Quds Day, that special  day when Jew haters around the world can let their freak flag fly.  It is one of those heartwarming experiences where  Islamists and their friends… Continue reading

What Bibi should have said is the Cartoon of the Day

The Pro-Israel blogosphere (Jewish and non-Jewish alike) are on fire about Israel’s intention to free over 100 terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands in exchange for the privilege of speaking directly with the… Continue reading

Carter to be honored By Yeshiva U. Law School

From Breitbart.com (Joel Pollak): Outrage as Yeshiva University’s Law School Honors Jimmy Carter On Wednesday, the Journal of Conflict Resolution at Yeshiva University’s Cardozo School of Law will bestow an award on former… Continue reading


“Israel cannot build any state before the return of Jesus” – Rabbi Yisroel David Weiss of Neturai Karta. The online news outlet for Hezbollah in Lebanon is reporting that while on a visit with Sheikh Nabil… Continue reading