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Silverstein condemns Israeli intolerance using poll that shows opposite

In light of his propensity towards slinging racist epithets at minorities who dare disagree with him, it seems odd that Seattle’s own Richard Silverstein would try to position himself as a champion of… Continue reading

Iran appointed to UN Human/Woman Rights Councils

Hillel Neuer of UN Watch shares his thoughts in the Times of Israel on the appointment of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations Human Rights and Women’s Rights Council. Today… Continue reading

Embrace Divestment and Win

Pro-Israel student groups need to stop playing defense but instead must flood every activist student government with resolutions to sanctions the world’s most egregious human rights offenders Academic boycott and divestment resolutions against… Continue reading

ASA and our Cartoon of the Day

Commentary on the recent American Studies Association decision to conduct an academic boycott of Israel has flooded the interwebs. One of the best analysis so far has been that of Jon of Divest… Continue reading

When checkpoints don’t matter

The rarely reliable Ma’an news agency, the voice of the Palestinian Authority (Fatah branch) is reporting today that… “Hamas security forces prevented a Fatah official from leaving the Gaza Strip to attend a… Continue reading


A MIKE REPORT PARODY In a surprise statement sure to bolster the claims of human rights advocates, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged that Israel’s much publicized status as a gay rights haven… Continue reading