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JTNews omits anti-Israel ties of upcoming speaker

On March 5th of 2014, Seattle’s Jewish community newspaper, the JTNews published a story regarding an upcoming visit by Jewish Zen Master Bernie Glassman. The paper dutifully reported how Glassman “takes facets of his… Continue reading

Palestinians Gassed, JVP Yawns

Several news agencies are reporting the use of chemical weapons against Palestinians in the Yarmouk refugee camp. Palestinian sources said that 22 people have been killed in the area, most from inhalation of… Continue reading

Pro Palestine Extremists Assault Jewish Woman in Oakland

An extremist associated with the International Solidarity movement  (ISM) assaulted Hannah Larson, a Seattle native who immigrated to Israel in 2010,  for chalking the Hebrew words  “Am Yisrael Chai” which translates as The People… Continue reading


A MIKE REPORT PARODY In a surprise statement sure to bolster the claims of human rights advocates, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged that Israel’s much publicized status as a gay rights haven… Continue reading


  The JTNews, a newspaper owned by the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, bills itself as “The Voice of Jewish Washington.”  Do Jewish Washingtonians want their “voice” used to promote organizations bent on the destruction… Continue reading

Surprise! Seattle Anti-Israel Group Attracts Jew Haters

The Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (SeaMac) is an Anti-Israel group led by a former activist with the Hamas sympathizing International Solidarity Movement.  SeaMac denies any hostility towards the Jewish people saying their only… Continue reading

Jewish Voice for Peace; A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Lee Kaplan is a blogger who does some of the best investigative work on Islamic funded Anti-Israel front groups like Neturai Karta. In his latest piece Lee exposes the origins and motives behind the misleadingly labeled Jewish… Continue reading