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When Jeremy Ben-Ami met with Mahmoud Abbas – an imaginary fact based conversation

In Israel this morning, the media was  preoccupied with the announcement that Fatah and Hamas had agreed to a unity government, a treaty between terrorists if you will. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu… Continue reading

Seattle Jewish Community plans major anti-BDS rally

Proclaiming in a unified voice that BDS is not welcome within the Seattle Jewish communal tent, virtually every significant Jewish organization in the Puget Sound region will be joining together for a major… Continue reading

Israeli soldier slams haters – and a new cartoon

J STREET U AND HILLEL SPONSOR ANTI-ISRAEL EVENT – NO DISSENT ALLOWED Be open to unfamiliar ideas, be willing to have the uncomfortable conversations – these are the mantras of anti-Israel organizations like… Continue reading

Another J Street shocker: J Street U members don terror t-shirt

The Tower Magazine is reporting that two members of J Street U’s Washington University chapter donned T-shirts celebrating convicted PFLP terrorist Leila Khaled at a J Street U sponsored campus event last year. On… Continue reading

J Street tells Israel to back off on Jewish State demand – and a new cartoon

Jeremy Ben-Ami is a public relations genius, this is not hyperbole. The founder and current director of J Street led the very successful Ben-Or Communications, a pr firm back in the early 1990’s. It was there… Continue reading

The J Street facade is crumbling… and a new cartoon

This has not been a good month for J-Street, the anti-Israel disguised as a pro-Israel lobbying organization. When J-Street first burst onto the scene back in 2008, many in the Jewish establishment did… Continue reading

There is no “J” in Pro-Israel

DOCUMENTARY CHALLENGES J-STREET’S “PRO-ISRAEL” LABEL A new documentary film “The J Street Challenge” has sent shock-waves across the pro and anti-Israel community. The movie was released by  Americans for Peace and Tolerance, a… Continue reading

Commenter on Open Zion delivers brilliant explanation of Israel – and a new cartoon!

On Open Zion this week, Tom Pessah, an Israeli Jew studying in Berkeley wrote a multi-point apologia for the BDS movement, promoting the ultimate goal of BDS, the supposed Palestinian “right of return”. Rejecting… Continue reading

J Street gets slapped down at UC Berkeley – and a new cartoon

The Daily Californian is reporting today that the Jewish Student Union (JSU) at UC Berkeley rejected for the second time J Street U’s request to be accepted as a member organization. The bylaws of… Continue reading

An Israeli Soldier to American Jews: Wake Up!

  In an op-ed appearing in today’s Times of Israel,  StandWithUs Shaliach Hen Mazzig exposes the dark underbelly of  concentrated Israel hatred so prevalent in the Pacific Northwest. While the mendacity of local  anti-Israel extremists… Continue reading

J Street Shocker; Pays Respects at Arafat’s Grave

    The Jerusalem Post published a revealing article today by Mollie Adatto, an American college student who recently returned from  a J street sponsored tour while visiting Israel.  J Street is a well funded anti-Israel lobbying… Continue reading

Cartoon of the Day: Bold Steps for Peace

StandWithUs and J Street Clash on Parameters of American Criticism of Israel

How far should American Jews go in their criticism of Israeli policies they disagree with?   From the Algemeiner: LOS ANGELES – How far should American Jews go in their criticism of Israeli policies… Continue reading

J Street alters message of Seattle’s Pro Israel “Vigil” and then pulls out.

By The Mike Report: A young girl struggled to keep her flame lit against the determined gusts of wind and sporadic bursts of rainfall at the Federal Building Plaza in downtown Seattle on… Continue reading


Many have wondered how far the liberal Jewish “peace movement” would go before there was no differentiating between them and Israel’s enemies. Events of the past two months have provided us with the… Continue reading


JEWISH COMMUNITY MUST AGREE THAT BDS IS DIFFERENT A gathering of mostly elderly Jews at a speaking event in a synagogue in Newton, MA were harassed and intimidated last night by a gang… Continue reading




 It was a monumental failure of the leadership and staff and the leadership of the commission itself.” – Seattle City Councilmemember Tom Rasmussen Succumbing to pressure from organizers affiliated with  the Boycott Israel… Continue reading


“If you continue to host events like this, then this is what will happen” As previously reported on The Mike Report; by carrying Israeli made products and hosting speakers from Israel, Kitzel’s Deli  in… Continue reading