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When Jews Rock. Guitar King Lazer Lloyd Brings His High Energy Show To Seattle

Whatever stereotypes you may harbor about the ability of a Chassidic Jew to truly rock will be dispelled within seconds of watching Lazer Lloyd show off his sublime guitar licks. BY RANDY KESSLER: SPECIAL… Continue reading

JSU; Pizza with a purpose

Ari Hoffman surveyed the group of about fifteen students  seated in a half circle around him. “Hi my name is Ari, who wants donuts?!” With introductions done Hoffman gives this new group at… Continue reading

Seattle’s pro-Israel rally undermined from within

NIF and Hillel Leaders with help from JTNews trash event they co-sponsored. The entire academic year had been building up to this Seattle-BDS crescendo. Everyone on the inside, both pro and anti-Israel, knew… Continue reading

Horrific mob attack on Jewish children at Temple Mount

Har Habayit, the Temple Mount is the holiest place in Judaism, the once and future site of the Beit Hamikdash (the Holy Temple) has been the focal point of Jewish prayer and longing… Continue reading

Richard Silverstein meet Joseph McCarthy

RICHARD SILVERSTEIN GOES AFTER INNOCENT RECEPTIONIST Seattle blogger Richard Silverstein is well known for his hatred of Israel and for flying loose and light with the facts. With the obsessive drive of a Captain… Continue reading

JTNews takes cheap shot at Seattle Orthodox Community

The JTNews’ bills itself as the “Voice of Jewish Washington”.  The paper takes pride in their “big tent” definition of community and the wide array of perspectives offered in their pages.  Back in… Continue reading

Two takes on the Pew Poll and a Cartoon

Articles about the Pew Poll on American Jewry have been proliferating this week,  in stark contrast to American Jewry which has not (been proliferating that is).  I nearly got whiplash today after reading… Continue reading

The Pew Study and a brand new cartoon

The American Jewish community (or what’s left of it) is abuzz over the recent pew study results.  You can review the poll here, but the bottom line is that with the exception of… Continue reading

Where was the rest of the picture?

On March 2nd of 2012 the JTNews, Seattle’s Jewish community owned newspaper, published the most infamous cover photo in the history of the journal. For the first time in memory a photo representing… Continue reading

Israel opens first ever mixed prayer area at Kotel

Israel announced the opening of a new mixed gender prayer area at the Kotel. This is an area where the activists of Women of the Wall can pray in any manner they choose.… Continue reading

JTNews editor chastises pro-Israel readership

The JTNews, under the leadership of Editor/Publisher Joel Magalnick has exhibited a disturbing neutrality when it comes to the safety and welfare of the Jewish state. Stubbornly blind to the difference between disagreement… Continue reading

Egyptian Jewish minority overlooked while churches burn

The TImes of Israel speaks to one of the last remaining Jews in Cairo. “Magda Haroun, the president of the Egyptian Jewish community, doesn’t enjoy hearing anti-Semitic slurs on the street. She gets… Continue reading

Wobbly Women of the Wall

THE MIKE REPORT OPINION: The Women of the Wall represents themselves as a group of activists determined to pray according to their conscience at the Kotel, one of Judaism’s holiest sites. They have… Continue reading

Rabbis against the second amendment & Our cartoon of the day

Today’s  KIROTV.COM features a story about Rabbi Daniel Weiner and his local clergy cohorts using their elevated religious status to push for legislation impeding people’s ability to defend themselves. But today’s cartoon of the day… Continue reading


MIKE REPORT OPINION: Since 1988 egalitarian activists, led most prominently by The Women of the Wall, have demanded the right to engage in non-traditional prayer at the Kotel Hamaaravi.  The   group’s stated goal is to… Continue reading

Kosher Certificate for Anti-Semitism

The New York Times’ editorial page for all intents and purposes serves  as the Shulchan Aruch of the secular Jew, who analyzes and absorbs it with the same gusto as the most dedicated Daf Yomi devotee. … Continue reading


SIX SIDED MEMORIAL HAS SEATTLE CONNECTION THE FORWARD:  The Holocaust Memorial to the Jews of Rhodes was spray painted with swastikas on all six sides of the memorial. The initials AME also were… Continue reading

Torah scrolls stolen during celebrations — by congregation’s rabbi

The Mike Report has no comment to make, other than to announce that there is a job opening for a Rabbi in the Negev town of Moshav Brosh. Seven torah scrolls were stolen… Continue reading

New Ads in NYC to counter Pro-Israel ads

Jewish, Christian groups urge tolerance toward Muslims in New York subway ads The ads being placed by Rabbis for Human Rights-North America and Sojourners, led by the Christian author and social justice advocate… Continue reading

Israeli PM Will Get Phone Call From Obama

President Obama has faced criticism after finding time for appearances on David Letterman and The View but stating he had no time to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu regarding mounting tensions in… Continue reading