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Pain and horror

With the arrest of six suspects, it now appears a very real possibility that Mohammed Abu Khdeir, a teenager and resident of Shuafat was  murdered by a small  group of  Israeli criminals in a twisted… Continue reading

Our hearts are broken

Prayers for the parents and family. All people of good will are united in our grief. Nothing more to say.

How Israel-China Deal Steals Justice from Grieving Mother

Varda Epstein is amongst the sharpest and most passionate writers in the blogosphere. Her latest piece, fueled by the pain of a grieving mother compounded by the perfidy of injustice, leaps off the page. Rivka Moriah, an Israeli mother… Continue reading

Chaos in Seattle; City Surrenders to Thugs

MIKE REPORT OPINION: The Seattle PI reports that; “Medics arrived to a chaotic scene after a man in his 20s was shot Wednesday night near the Jack in the Box on Rainier Avenue… Continue reading