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For Peace Sake, No Jews Allowed

MIKE REPORT OPINION: Today’s edition of the New York Times offered up an article titled “New Apartments Will Complicate Jerusalem Issue” .  The premise of the article, that Jews living in or near Arab neighborhoods… Continue reading

Anti-Israel Americans Remain Small Minority

A MIKE REPORT FACTOID:  The most recent Gallup poll affirms only 12% of Americans feel more positive about the Palestinians then they do about Israel.  66% of Americans express positive feelings towards the… Continue reading


A MIKE REPORT PARODY In a surprise statement sure to bolster the claims of human rights advocates, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged that Israel’s much publicized status as a gay rights haven… Continue reading


  The JTNews, a newspaper owned by the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, bills itself as “The Voice of Jewish Washington.”  Do Jewish Washingtonians want their “voice” used to promote organizations bent on the destruction… Continue reading

Israeli Flag Manufacturer Thriving due to Unexpected Customers

Shlomo Herzberg walked past the raucous din of row upon row of humming sewing machines to show off the latest addition to his football field sized factory warehouse, four brand new state of… Continue reading

Palestinians have not abandoned armed struggle

Well this is reassuring. And they keep telling us that Israel is the obstacle to peace. The Palestinians have not abandoned the option of armed struggle against Israel, a top Fatah official in… Continue reading

The Anti Nakba; Jewish Refugees from Arab & Muslim Lands

On May 15th 1948, after 2000 years of forced exile, the Jewish state was reborn. The fledgling state was immediately set upon from without and within by local Arabs as well as invading… Continue reading

Cartoon of the day – Obama lifts freeze on $ for Palestinian Authority

The Times of Israel is reporting that in defiance of the US Congress, President Barack Obama has lifted a ban on financial aid to the Palestinian Authority. Congress froze a $192 million aid package… Continue reading


BDS affiliated groups like Jewish Voice for Peace demand the flooding of pre-1967 Israel with nearly 5 million Palestinians to join the nearly 1,5 million Arab Israelis currently living in pre-1967 Israel. This… Continue reading