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Red Lion is our Cartoon of the Day

With every passing day the Obama administration manages to take the Syrian diplomatic and foreign policy debacle to new levels of bunglehood. Multiple news organizations are reporting that the Syrian regime has seized on an… Continue reading

Syrian Codfish is our Cartoon of the Day

John Kerry has been on the receiving end of much ridicule after he declared at a press conference today that any attack on Syria would be “unbelievably small”. As a fellow member of… Continue reading

Kerry’s warning is our Cartoon of the Day

At a press conference today Secretary of State John Kerry  demanded dictator Bashar Al Assad give up his chemical weapons stockpiles and then issued the following powerful warning to the Syrian regime (see below).… Continue reading

The Silence of the Hypocrites

Treated as third class citizens in every country in the region, excepting Israel, Arab Palestinians are receiving much of the brunt of the violence and chaos dubbed the Arab Spring,  But there have… Continue reading


In the summer of 1977 thousands of leaking, untrustworthy rafts and boats bobbed in the vast open waters of the South China Sea. Each of the frail vessels was crowded with frightened, parched… Continue reading

An Israeli who snuck into Syria… twice

For behind the scenes, insightful on the ground conflict zone reporting, one would be hard pressed to find a better writer than Michael J. Totten. In his latest column he interviews Jonathan Spyer. Jonathan… Continue reading